Recovering from gallbladder surgery

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    I am at the point where I really want to feel like I did before the surgery. I am still really tired and I just want to nap all day long, and I will doze though the time I should be taking my pain meds. That is not a good thing to do I do wake up when I move as it hurts then and I will get up and take the pain meds . I am doing better I think I have to learn that cleaning is some thing that you don't have to do it will wait for you till you feel like doing it. I just think I have to clean the house up so it looks better and then I pay the price.

    The best advise I have ever had is to get up , do your hair and put your makeup on and get dressed and you will feel better. You really do . But I don't like to wait to heal and wait till I cam better to do things so I pay the price adn I have learened that I need to take more time and wait till I am better.

    It is strange to me that my arms hurt they feel like they are stiff from too much exercise and I have not done any exercise at all. But both arms hurt like that and I don't know why they do. I also feel like my belly is swollen and tight feeling it is not swollen it just feels tight. I don't know if that is normal or not. I asked the doctor and he said that if it bothers me for much longer I should go to the ER and have it checked out and I said that I would make an appointment with him if I am not feeling better in a few weeks.

    I don't know how normal it is to feel so tired and dragged out. I am just fatiqued all the time and sleep is all I really want to do. I am getting up andmoving around and walking around the house and I have gone to walmart for a bit but while my Mom shopped I found the bench and sat and waited for her. TO much walking for me. But does any one know how long it takes to get rid of this overly tired feeling and haveing my belly feeling tight and my side is tender still and I dont' know if I have over done it or what?

    I hate this feeling of always being tired and wanting to sleep. And then to have my abdomen have this really tight feeling is strange and I don't like it but I don't know how long it will take for it to go away and I will get back to feeling like I did before. I know that I am whinning and i am sorry about it , Being stuck in the house is so boring and not feeling up to par is not so great eiither.

    Sorry for being a baby I know that it has just been two weeks today since the surgery and I still feel so fat andI hurt on my right side . IT feels like they pulled the gall bladder off there and it is tender but I guess it is tto feel that way and I am just wanting to be back to normal. Sorry for the being a baby and whinning,

    Hugs to you all and thanks for letting me whine and moan,
    Love ya,

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    Surguries like this generally take a couple of weeks to heal. Be sure that you are not doing ANY lifting. Be very careful doing laundry---when getting clothes out of the washer.

    If you have questions about your hrsling process be sure to go dee your dr.
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    Funny that you and I went into gallbladder surgery around the same time!

    I'm just now starting to feel a little better, but not much. I think surgery and anestesia (sp?)is harder on people like us.

    How bad was your gallbladder. The surgeon said mine was really bad, so the discomfort is not surprising. But he also said that with CFS/FMS it will be rougher. SO hang in there.

    I did get Reiki treatments after some massage and did some light walking and that seems to help.

    I read you were cleaning the house. I think that may be too much and doing heavy work like that will make you feel sick.

    My concern is I am having kidney pain since the surgery. No infection though, they checked. And weird cramps in my calves.

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