Recovering from pneumonia - any tips?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by samjenkin, Aug 12, 2003.

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    Hi all

    I have been away from this board for a while as I have had a number of illnesses, one after the other, and it has taken all my strength just to keep on going with work and home. However, I need your help. I developed bacterial pneumonia last week and was hospitalised. Came out on Friday and developed an allergy to my antibiotics (they made me EXHAUSTED and I couldn't keep anything down). Was given another type of antibiotics, with the same result. I have to take my last pill today.

    It is extremely hot here in England and humid, and I am still short of breath. Is there anything I can take to boost me up - I am sleeping nearly all the time, which makes me feel even more ill.

    I guess my body really didn't need the pneumonia on top of the ME and the total and utter exhaustion (I am finding it difficult even to make toast or do the washing up) is the result. I am scared that the pneumonia has triggered a worsening in the ME so any thoughts on this would be appreciated too.


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    Hi Sam,

    So sorry to hear how poorley you`ve been and yes, it`s been absolute hell this year with the heat & humidity, i`m in England too.

    I have two wonderful suggestions for you, first try drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day with a pinch of unrefined Sea or Rock Salt added, - this should help with your breathing & a load of other problems too.

    Secondly, a product by Higher Nature £6.70 for 30 caps, is just dynamite...
    It has Echinacea & Black Elderberry on the front, and Olive Leaf Extract & Myrrh in the list of ingredients on the back.

    This cured my stepson of bronchitis and also my daughter of a chronic flemmy cough within 3 days.(It`s the best natural product in my book for ALL viral & bacterial infection.

    Have some in the cupboard ready for the next time.

    Not sure if Holland & Barratt sell this, i`m disappointed with their service so always go to a great local health shop.

    The antibiotics may have given you Candida so you also need some Acidophilus capsules to replace the good bacteria.

    Two other products for you to look up (articles in the archives, so use search box) are Cytolog and Cellfood. Hopefully, these will give you a boost, we`ve tried and they work...

    I hope you are having a good day today and feel much better soon.

    Love Pat.

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    Pat and RacWhite - I have acidophilus which I am taking and I will try your other suggestions also. I really appreciated your lengthy and detailed replies - thanks!