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    Wow, I just read vp's account in the Ohio doctor post-- what a miraculous recovery in a very short time.... just goes to show (again) that not all of us need to be on abx for years and years to get much better--- doxy is a good drug because it is so broad spectrum -- it hits a lot of potential co-infections, too.

    I'm curious now what is happening at the FFC -- that was the first I'd heard of the doctors leaving. I wonder if it is more of the same bs we are all so familiar with-- doctors being singled out and persecuted for treating Lyme???

    I'm really sad that is happening. Mad, too -- in my opinion, the huge major-medical refusal to acknowledge and treat this devastating illness is nothing short of a crime against humanity. I so hope the truth comes to light one day! I know there are plenty of honest docs out there who are simply going by what they were taught in med. school -- but there are also bigger powers who know the truth and are conspiring to keep it hidden.
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    It is a shame that there is so much controversy about the treatment of Lyme disease. Why is it so hard to treat? I don't understand it myself. You are right it does seem to be a "crime against humanity." Why do some doctors just let their patients suffer so? I had to argue for at least an hour with my doctor to get him to write me a prescription for an antibiotic, you'd have thought I wanted a narcotic or something! I have often thought of using my animals antibiotics. I get this antibiotic called Agricillin at the feed store. It is a injectable, 1cc per 100-lbs. It works great on my dogs and horses. Doesn't cost much either.

    Zoe, have you ever heard about how this farmer( I can't remember where just now) that could heal people from Lyme disease by selling the sick person a pregnant cow? Well right before the cow delvered it's calf, the farmer would draw some of the sick person's blood and inject it into the cow's udder. Then after the calf was born, the colostrum was collected and the sick person drinks it. It supposedly would cure that person of Lyme disease. Shoot, I thought about buying myself a nanny goat, haha! I'd try almost anything at this point.

    Well I need to lay down my head is hurting so,
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    I don't think the Docs are leaving FFC for treating lyme.

    I know Dr. Sharp of the FT. Worth FFC was not even big on using ABX for lyme as he had so many patients relapse after getting off ABX that he started using the natural approach.

    My guess is that something else was going on behind the scenes. Perhaps the DFW CFS web site will post about Dr. Sharp and his leaving or one of his patients will tell us.


    P.S. where is the miraculous recovery story minimonkey?[This Message was Edited on 07/10/2006]
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    The story is in a post about vp seeking a doctor in Ohio.

    I know next-to-nothing about the FFC, so I was just guessing in the dark about possible reasons...

    Yes, I've heard the colostrum story. No idea how accurate it is or isn't. One can buy bovine colostrum, actually -- (though it isn't taylor made to one's own blood) -- it is available in pill form, and some health stores even sell it as a milk product.

    I take the pill form -- there is some controversy (of course!) as to whether this is effective, or even safe... I decided I'm willing to give it a try.

    Who knows which of the many supplements I'm taking is working -- hard to tell, given I take so many. But I do know that my CD-57 count has risen from 60 to 240 in 5 month's time, so something must be working! (Yes, I know CD-57 is only one indicator of overall immune health, but that is a pretty dramatic change.)
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    I checked VP's post before I posted to you and couldn't find it....oh well...glad someone is doing well and congrats on you Cd-57 that is great!
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    Call me an idiot, but what are you talking about when you say CD-57 count?

    Zoe, I have seen the colostrum supplement stuff, I don't know if it would work or not as it does not have your own antibodies in it like the "special farmer's colostrum" does.
    I do know what you mean about taking so many supplements though, I take a ton myself.

    Take care!
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    Yes, we see the same person! I was wondering about that myself from one of your earlier posts. I'm sorry you have to trek so far to see her now, but I'd absolutely do the same thing -- she's amazing.

    I'll be away for part of August, but if I am around, I'd love to meet you when you are in town.

    I'll type in my whole herbal/supplements protocol tomorrow when I am less tired --

    For now, I can at least post the pharmaceutical part of it --

    Started with 3 weeks of Doxy @ 400/day. Stopped when the herx was too much to tolerate.

    Started Bicillin IM injectios-- at first one shot per week, then 2x/week for past three months.

    Past three months ketek 800/day

    Past 2 months Mepron 2 tsp/day, Artemisinin 300 mgs/day for babs

    Daily diflucan 100/day to control yeast (may also work on Bb according to some studies, esp. in combination with bicillin.)

    I also take Cymbalta 60/day (for pain), actigall 2x/day (for gallbladder), soma (for muscle spasms), elavil 75 mgs at night (for sleep), and 100 mgs lyrica (for nerve pain.) I have ultram and vicodin, as well as lidocaine patches as needed for breakthrough pain, though I rarely need any of those much anymore. Also relpax for migraines -- also need that very infrequently now.

    I hope to wean off the pain meds/soma/elavil altogether in the realtively near future -- though I may stay on the cymbalta for a while as I have no side effects from it at all, at least that I can tell. I'm going to wait until after the cyst-busting phase of treatment before weaning off too much, though!
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    Does anyone in the Texas area - large area? have Lyme. I have recently just traveled from south Texas to Louisiana to seea LLMD. Awaiting my IGENX western blot but my CD 57 score was 12 which I was told was very severe. I am interested in hearing from anyone but especially anyone in my area. I am beginning treatment for Babesia and yeast overgrowth and am feeling pretty bad today. Any info would be great.

    One day hoping we all feel better.

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    ok, depression question, sorry. does anyone know of anyone who has actually been cured of Lyme?

    colostrum: Immunecare 64, have heard mixed reports....
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    I'm part of our state's lyme association and people do get better. There have also been some segments on disovery heatlh channel and those people got better.

    The key to recovery according to Dr. B is compliance to the lyme protocol. Take your meds, enforced rest, no sugar, and no alcohol. Diet is very important to recovery. Lyme loves sugar and other simple carbs.

    I'm going to get better. I just know it!! You will too!!
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    Can you suggest any physicians that are knowlegable about Lymes Treatment - a LLMD Physician in Louisiana - even if they are no longer taking patients. Thanks so much for your help. cllandry
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    I replied to this question on one of your other posts.