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    Hi, I am writing regarding my motherwho had surgery for rectal cancer last month. She ended up with end colostomy, the doctor sugested to have chemotherapy because one lymph nodes was involved. She is refusing chemotherapy, and trying with alternative therapy. She is taking transfer factor plus, and some other vitamins. Can sombedy sugest how I can help my mother to get better, because she is feeling very tired. Thank you. ili
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    Sorry, I don't have any advice for you, but you should post this on the Cancer board here, maybe someone there can offer you some help.


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    This centre was set up by Dr Julian Kenyon and his wife to provide alternative treatments for cancer. They have quite an extensive site which also includes info on treating CFS too.

    Wishing your mother well.

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    Is she opposed to taking the drug called "Procrit" that is prescribed for fatigue to help the red blood cells, I believe? This drug is helping cancer patients in some cases and also CFS patients sometimes.