Recurrence of Oral Candida?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dhcpolwnk, Aug 27, 2005.

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    A few weeks ago, I wrote to ask for guidance regarding oral candida (oral thrush), which I believed I had. After a little prodding from me, the doctor prescribed generic Mycelex lozenges. That seemed to work. For about a week. Today, it seems as if the problem is back, though with less pain (so far) in my mouth. (And the coating on my tongue is a creamy white, not green, as it was the first time.)

    I know there has been a lot posted about candida and yeast infections on the board, but I'm still not sure about some of this.

    -How common is it for oral thrush to recur *quickly* (i.e., very soon after what appears to be successful treatment)?

    -Is oral thrush contagious? If so, how can I protect others in my family?

    -I've seen some tests for oral thrush, but how can I tell if the candida infection is affecting other parts of my body?

    -I am taking Avonex for multiple sclerosis. That is a beta interferon that is supposed to reduce the autoimmune reaction characteristic of MS. Could that put me more at risk for systemic candidiasis?

    Thanks for any guidance you can offer.


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    I don't know much about oral candida specifically, but I do know that getting rid of any kind of yeast or fungus infection is always tricky and they do tend to recur easily. It's just the nature of the little beasties.

    The med you're on sounds like it suppresses the immune system. That could definitely have something to do with the candida infection.

    I think any kind of drug that suppresses the immune system will put you at risk for any kind of infection (bacterial, viral, or fungal).

    Hope this helps. Good luck. Wish I had more advice.
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    Dear Laura,

    if the side of your cheeks are inflamed and have white spots, you'll find if you "wipe" them and the throat with a swab, they tend to open and spread more rapidly and burn like a you know what! it's a fungus and yes it is contagious. no kissing.
    ALSO, no yogurt or dairy products at all, including cheeses. no alcohol especially beer (if you drink)
    last but not a bunch of cheapy toothbrushes, be careful not to open the wounds. you can't get the fungus off the toothbrush so toss em, its worth it!
    oh yeah, reduce stress factors. and two more things.....
    cranberry juice, nothing citrus, AND GARGLE WITH...

    PITATOO Member

    A few years ago I thought I had strep throat and was put on antibiotics and it only got worse. I asked them to check for candida and it was positive. They put me on a drug I think Diflucan. I would not take it because of the liver impact. I already have high liver enzymes due to other meds and statin drugs. So I started gargling with a mouthwash I made with distilled water, witch hazel, tea tree oil, grapefruit seed extract, and orageno extract. Took only a few days of gargling with it and I was fine. When I feel it coming on every now and again; usually in the spring, my ears start to itch and then it starts working it's way via my sinus cavity. I also use a milder solution to cleans my ears. It works for me.
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    Thanks to everyone for all the good information.

    Stormyskye wrote:

    <<< That good bacteria (probiotics) that you need to take is rather delicate stuff. Many types require being in the fridge to keep them alive. Threelac is shelf stable for three years assuming it isn't really hot in your house. I keep mine in the fridge anyway. Caffeine kills it. Hidden sugars are in many things. Read labels. Eat as
    much raw food as you can. >>>

    I have been taking probiotics for a long time, but I just looked at the label this morning and discovered that the recommended dose is 3 capsules a day. I've been taking one!!! I increased the probiotics today and will continue with the higher dose.

    I have so many different things going on in my body these days that I really think I need to check with my doctors about how to balance things. Among other things, I have a neurogenic bladder (related to my MS), and my urologist has me taking generic Ditropan, which dries me out terribly. That, in combination with my GERD, which seems to have been acting up for the last month or so, probably contributed to this candida infection. My urologist is on vacation next week, but I plan to talk with him when he returns.

    My PCP prescribed generic Mycelex lozenges for the oral thrush based on *my* self-diagnosis and having seen me a few days earlier. (I really thought I needed medication for systemic candidiasis, since the Avonex I take for MS may be weakening my immune system.)

    The lozenges seemed to clear up the thrush, and I was okay for about a week. But now that it seems to be back, I'll probably need to see my PCP again. I think I'll call my dentist, too. I have periodontal disease, and I heave a special toothbrush I'm supposed to use for that. So throwing away used toothbrushes isn't as simple for me as it sounds.

    This information may help me in dealing with my doctors to try balancing out the treatments for my different health conditions. So again, thanks to all.


    P.S. I keep the probiotics in the refrigerator, but the Vitamin Shoppe, where we buy it, doesn't have it refrigerated. Maybe it just needs to be refrigerated after opening.

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    Every time I get put on Prednisone I get it, I have a large bottle of Nystatin stuff called swish and spit, that's exactly what you do with it.

    Maybe your PCP could call that in for you and save yourself a trip, this is what they gave me in the hosp. it worked great.

    take care,


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