Recurrent Bleeding Gums a source for Mycoplasma/Bacteria?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AJME, Dec 21, 2002.

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    Dear All,

    Until recently about everytime I brushed my teeth my gums around my front teeth would bleed. They were on the edge of bleeding most of the time. I recently changed my brushing action and use mouthwash much more and the bleeding happens less.

    I was wondering if it could be logical that Bacteria or Mycoplasmas that seem to be a natural part of
    nature could enter peoples blood stream with Bleeding Gums. I heard the only way to contract HIV through kissing is if one or both parties have Bleeding Gums. I've read that Bleeding gums is a somewhat common symptom with FM patients.

    Something to think about.

  2. Mikie

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    Even though bleeding gums is more common with us, it is nothing to mess around with. You are quite correct when you surmize that bacteria from the mouth can enter the bloodstream and cause all kinds of trouble, most notably, heart problems.

    It is important to have this checked out with your dentist. Twenty-five percent of the population older than thirty-five suffers from some kind of gum disease. I can no longer use Plax because of the Guai treatment, but it is a pre-brushing detergent rinse which is supposed to loosed up debris. Dentists generally poo-poo this and do not recommend it; however, it does leave one's teeth feeling very clean and smooth and for that reason alone, may encourage people to brush better.

    I also can no longer add Listerine to my WaterPik, but I still use it to dislodge food particles along the gum line with warm water. The cool blue Listerine leaves the mouth feeling very clean and it kills germs. The pulsing of the WaterPik massages the gums and toughens them which helps with the bleeding. It also brings better circulation to the gum tissue. Just be careful to hold the instrument at the proper angle so as not to push food particles up under the gums.

    Floss well, but flossing alone will not dislodge all food particles. The WaterPik will always dislodge particles missed by flossing. Better than flossing is using the plastic brushpicks which are like toothpicks with little bristles on one end.

    Buy a rubber pointy gum stimulator and run the pointed end along the gumline. Rub the gums with the sides of the stimulator to toughen the gums. This makes one drool like the village idiot :)

    Finally, brush gently in circles, changing the angle of the brush. Do not brush back and forth and do not put a lot of pressure on the brush.

    I use an HyG Japanese brush which has a small battery in the handle. It is not battery powered and I use it just like an ordinary toothbrush. By touching the metal band on the handle, the brush emits a low-frequency current which changes the polarity of the tooth surface. This allows for easier removal of plaque. It also leaves one's mouth feeling smooth and fresh.

    Hope this helps. I know it sounds like a lot, but good dental hygeine is critical to us and takes some effort.

    Love, Mikie
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    You have plain old vanilla periodontal disease and if you dentist didn't tell you about this, find someone else. You need to get yourself to a periodontist because the bacteria that causes gum problems is extermely dangerous -- it goes directly into your blood stream and has been linked to heart disease and diabetes. People with compromised immune systems need to have a periodontal cleaning twice a year and you may need some fairly deep cleaning if this problem has gone unattended for long. -- Jo
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    Good advice. I forgot to mention getting a good cleaning at least twice a year. I had to have the deep cleaning in my 30's and believe me, it left a lasting impression of how important good oral hygiene and checkups can be.

    I also forgot to mention that many of us suffer from dry mouth and this can also set us up for problems. Screwed up hormones can also contribute to problems. Be sure to tell your dentist and hygienist that you have CFS and/or FMS.

    Love, Mikie
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    My husband suffered greatly with this. He really started to lose weight and everything. The things that Mikie and Jo said to do are right on. I would also ad CoQ10 to this. That one supplement has really helped him to conquer this problem. Just thought I would add this.