Recurrent oral herpes...on valtrex and this doesn't go away

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by ALopez, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. ALopez

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    I have cfids/fibro and lyme (chronic). I have almost constantly swollen lymph glands and now I cannot get rid of herpes that affects my tongue and mouth. I cannot take anymore antibx after 3+ years of IVs/orals and intense allergies to molds and foods.

    I wonder if anyone else has problems with herpes and is there anything besides lysine that might help? I am so sleepy all the time on valtrex.

    I am waiting to get back on IV gamma globulin soon as I have severe deficiency since becoming ill 7 years ago.

    Also I was bitten by a spider a little over a week ago with 2 bite marks on my leg and it was blue, hard and I'm wondering if spiders can carry some form of infectious disease or if it might have been another tick bite.

  2. Mikie

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    To have the spider bite looked at. It could be a brown recluse bite which could cause complications.

    Cold sores are a sreactivated Herpes virus. When we get really run down, Herpes-family viruses can cause all kinds of problems from extreme fatigue to cold sores to shingles. I have been taking Famvir which seems to help whichever viruses have reactivated in my system. I am pulsing the Famvir.

    We have a transfer factor board here and some have had good results with these supplements. You can go to the store here and read about the transfer factors. There are several available depending on which virus has reactivated.

    ABX will not help with viruses, so they would not be the drug of choice anyway. It's antivirals and/or transfer factor which is called for. In addition, colostrum and whey to build up the immune system will help.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have had good luck fending off herpes by using magnets. I am an artist, so I can sit for hours. A while ago I bought several kinds of magnets. Among them were two pieces 3" wide by 12" long and 1/8" thick. I thought I would cut them and put them in my shoes. Well, they were to thick and stiff for that, so I just put them on my chair and sat on them. No more herpes, unless I get really stressed out or go for longer than a week without sitting on them. Also helpfull for those just inside the cheek, I tape a small dime sized neodymium magnet to my face for several hours and it is banished.

    YOu really need to assess your problems and look into alternative ways to take care of yourself.
    Diet is always a big factor. Remember, your body is made of the food you eat, the water you drink and the air you breath. All of this of course if modified by the various pollutants in the environment, too numerous to even start a list.