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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Tattoopixie, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. Tattoopixie

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    Got my letter today denying SSDI. Am going to keep fighting. Also, realized that I can file for my son, who is classed as emotionally disabled. So I may pursue that as well. Guess I will be calling lawyers tomorrow....
  2. Mikie

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    A good disability atty. will make all the difference in your cases. Almost no one gets approved the first time through. My case is now more than two years since filing. SS has me in limbo. When I get approved, they are going to owe me one big check.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Tattoopixie

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    I hope I don't get caught in that 'limbo'. Right now we (myself & 2 kids) are living on Survivor's Benefits of $720 a mo + $280 in food stamps. It is not enough to live on! I was getting financial aid from the state, but the benefits canceled them out.
    I was making around $12an hr at a FT job when I got this DD. I had great attendance & any time I missed I had Dr documentation. I used FMLA up to the point where it was gone & then they had to terminate my employment. I loved the job I was at & had 1yr to go to be vested for my pension. I worked there for 4 yrs. I cannot believe what we have to endure in order to get an amount of money that is not even enough to live on. I am a very unmaterialistic person, but it really angered me that when I first lost my job I was awarded a whopping $275 a month to live on!!! If I did not have any children at home the amount would have been $0!!! No wonder there are so many homeless people in this country! I also would not have had any medical care without children in my home (&they wonder why welfare women keep having kids!).
  4. BUTCH71

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    It's been 6 mths now since my injury and i'm afraid to look in the mail box for that dreaded letter, but I know it's coming.The sad thing for me is I just was dx to eliminate
    my crutches and I have a severe limp.I injured my self in
    a car accident.I fractured my hip.When I SENT IN THE PAPERS,
    TO SSDI initial application. I wrote HIP/LEG pain.I didnt realize the pain was from my lower pack shooting down my hip/buttock and right leg.Now the lady from ssi calls and states did you go for the necessary x ray on your right hip as ordered.I saw there otho dr, last mth and was told by the secy if my hip was x rayed 2 mths prior to my otho evaluation with ssdi dr, that would be acceptable.I told the ssdi lady what I just conveyed,But the hip is showing its healing, according to my otho dr,But the mri on my back has herniated and bulging disc's, that are probably causing my severe pain.ANYWAY, they are not concerned about my swollen leg and knee that is deformed,They're are just interested in my hip.THE MRI SHOWED THE HIP HAS HEALED SO,
    my denial letter will appear shortly I think.
  5. jeanderek

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    Sorry to hear it. I called though to check and see what the status was and she told me that it had been denied and I would get a letter in a couple of days. I thought it was strange that I called on Thursday of last week to see if they had got all of my information and they said yes it still had to be looked at by the medical examiner and then Friday it was denied, something just doesnt feel right there, I think they got mad because I kept calling and seeing what the hold up was, of course I dont know that but it just seemed strange to me. At any rate I have already gotten in touch with an atty, been printing off my journel all day. I hope to see her this week sometime. Don't feel bad though I am feeling it to today and it aint good. I am pulling for ya!!!

    best wishes,

    Just read your reply on my post, it strange that so many of us are getting replies at the same time don't you think lol maybe i am thinking to much lol[This Message was Edited on 03/11/2003]
  6. chewie

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    HI I am a mother to two disabled girls .Was wondering how old your son is ? WE were not able to get SSI on my one daughter BECAUSE of our income {we made too much money}. My husband has a military retirment and was also working.So she didn't qualify. When she turned 18 we reapplied and she was accepted because then SHE was considerd an ADULT and our income didn't apply to her anymore. Check this out ok. I which you all the LUCK in the world. Every penny counts when you need it the most.

  7. beckster

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    Be sure to check my post about social security info from a couple days ago. Its about some new rulings concerning disabililty and this DD. Good luck; let us hear; keep on plugging. I believe in making the system work for sick people. Beckster