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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by returnofsaturn, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. returnofsaturn

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    Hello there. Well I was wondering if any of you could help me figure out what I have going on here. I'm 19 and female and I have these red bumps that have been popping up on my arms (mostly around the inner elbow), legs (thigh and knee area) and behind. They aren't pimples or anything usually just little red marks but I have really fair skin so they are quite noticeable. Anyway, I don't always have them and they seem to disappear entirely after say a day at the beach (maybe the sun or salt water?) I dunno but I went to the dermatologist once for them and he put me on zertex or something like that and needless to say it didnt help. Well please help if you can. Thanks!
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  2. BonnieR

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    I have them too all over my legs. Not sure what they are. I can feel them more than see them. I wonder if they have anything to do with dry skin and cold. I used to get them when I was a child, many years ago, and now they are back.
    Not sure what they are. If you find out I sure would like to know.
  3. CheerBear

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    Not really sure how your red bumps look like, but it could be petechiae. Petechiae result from tiny areas of superficial bleeding into the skin. They appear as round, pinpoint-sized dots that are not raised. If your red dots are raised, then maybe it is not petechiae.
  4. crazypatty

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    I have the same spots on my legs. They look like blood spots. They fade away and new ones come back even more. My doctor says it Vasculitis. Go to your search bar and type in John Hopkin's Vasculitis Center. Maybe that's what you have.

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  5. sunflower00

    sunflower00 New Member

    Hi Returnofsaturn,

    I have the same bumps but also have white ones on my legs and some on my arms. Interested to find out what they are. Some of my fibro friends have them also. Sunflower Pat

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