red itchiness all over!!! HELP!

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    I have a new problem and am trying to pinpoint the
    cause. I have a rash on my left neck, both forearms
    and upperarms, shins, thighs, etc. Little tiny bumps.
    It is definitely not heat rash or folliculitis.

    Looks like baby hives. Itch like crazy.
    The possible culprits:

    1. Saw my chiropractor on Friday and he
    used some type of cream, etc to massage
    my neck. He only touched left side of neck.

    2. Started new eye drops for allergic conjunctivivits.
    Could the eye drops cause a rash everywhere
    else but my eyes????

    3. Started Phenergan about 9 days ago and
    this is listed as possible side effect. I did
    not take it last night. I used eye drops today.

    I need this like I need a hole in my head!!! Just
    took a shower to see if anything was bothering
    my body. I am getting extremely itchy as I write

    I have Gold BOnd Medicated Lotion that I am using.

    If anyone has any advice, please let me know.
    I don't know whether to call the chiro and ask
    what he used; I will not use the eye drops again
    until I find out.

    If I didn't use Phenergan since Friday night,
    would this be subsiding by now!!!????

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  3. Applyn59

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    Thanks for the response. I have been through hives before after taking a med for five years! Those were
    huge and flat and the size of dinner plates. I woke up with an eye swollen shut. Nothing helped. I had
    atarax, cortisone shots, etc. Axid finally helped a bit
    and I stopped the med that I thought could be doing it.
    I then reintroduced it and it was that!

    These are tiny and itchy, etc!!! I have only been taking
    the Phenergan for about 10 days at the most.

    I am so sick of all these new things to deal with.
    So sorry about you and your eyes, etc.
    Good luck at eye dr tomorrow!
    I see LLMD on Tuesday.


    PS I already took the benadryl. Hope it kicks
    in soon.[This Message was Edited on 07/20/2003]
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    I really don't think this is stress, although who knows!
    I have been the best today. My mother is improving
    and is feeling better and not so terribly anxious.
    Today was my worst day for the rash and my best
    day for emotions!

    I really think it is something I am having an
    allergic reaction to. Guess I am seeing the lyme
    dr. on Tuesday just in time!

    Hope you're feeling better.
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    I get red itchiness on my forearms, neck, legs, hands and probably a couple of other places. Sometimes it comes out two times per day. I also get a really red hot right ear that is itchy too. Because it is so common in my life now, I just figure it is part of the DD.

    I hope this is all it is for you and not something to due with meds, etc.

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    I took a shower last night and then took benadryl
    and also used benadry topically.
    They are a bit better today.
    I am not taking Phenergan or eye drops until
    I can sort this out.

    My first guess reallly is the lotion, too.
    I just called chiro office to find out what it is.
    She told me but the bottle listed no ingredients.
    I am trying to search on the web but am not
    getting luck with ingredients.

    Good luck today.