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  1. Hairymel

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    Hi all,

    I was any of you ever get red swollen itchy knuckles? That was one of the first "problems" I remember happening when this whole roller coaster ride started . They seem to be a harbinger of a flare..or at least a very bad couple of days. The first time it happened my Husband and i were Christmas shopping...and I realized I was scratching the heck out of my right pointer finger knuckle.( It's always my right as I think about it.) I was feeling really crumby. Weak,fluish,so tired and then I looked down and saw my poor hand was a swollen red mess. I was wondering if this is something anyone else has experienced? Isn't it fun trying to figure out all the weird stuff that happens to us ? And even more fun trying to explain it to anyone oh say a Dr.

    Thanks for your time,
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    You are not alone, my right ring knuckle drives me crazy. I didn't associate it with my fm though, nothing suprises me with this dd.
    fellow knuckle itcher,
  3. Hairymel

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    I would have to disagree with you. It's not dry skin. At lest not in my case. I am a nut about moisturizing . It goes deeper then the skin..I know that sounds a bit funny..but it's as if the knuckle it self is itchy.
  4. bevy2most

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    with Hairy, it isn't dry/chapped skin I am a moisturizing fool, at least 3 or 4 times daily. It only affects my right ring knuckle. It will drive me crazy, I could rub the skin right off of it.
  5. hi all,

    i remember about 13 years ago having very red itchy knuckes,and people used to comment on it.i thought it was due to having chapped hands,as it was winter time,and i wasnt then wearing gloves while out doors.i do now though.

    the rash would ease in the summertime,but never completely went away,until recently.

    anyway to cut a long story short,it turned out that i was having a allergic reaction to a certain type of washing up liquid,and washing the dishes in this liquid was doing bad things to the skin on my knuckles.

    it cleared up when i switched to my current washing up liquid called fairy.

    but about five years ago,i started having psoriasis on my knuckles,and so i had to start wearing rubber gloves while washing dishes,and doing house chores.

    my body psoriasis has started to decrease so much of late,that i only had it in my ears,knuckles and a very small patch on my right knee.

    then i remembered my uncle telling me years ago,that he had read a book on health matters,that stated that psoriasis indicates that there is a problem with the kidneys,not cleaning things out of the body properly,and i should drink nettle didnt work for me sadly.

    but this past year,i read on this site about drinking cranberry juice to clean out our body.

    ive been drinking this for many months now,morning and night,and do you cleared the knuckles and knee psoriasis away,and also got rid of nasty body pustules that my kids and me got often.

    i do still have the psoriasis in my ears,sadly,but put vaseline on a cotton bud,in my ears..very soften the ear psoriasis,so that i can remove it from inside my ears.

    so try drinking cranberry juice and see if your knuckles rash goes away.i saw things good start to happen with me after week one,and just kept seeing things improove even more over further weeks.

    other than that,change your dish washing liquid,and soap that you bath/shower with.

    kind regards

  6. kellygirl

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    who knew? I always thought it was weird. One doctor called it eczema. I have it on one ear, the right one, and one or two knuckles, always in the same place and sometimes behind the head along the hairline and a patch on the lower back. This is usually in the cold, dry months.

    The hands always crack and chap when I wear latex gloves at work. I wear the nytrile or vinyl, even at home.

    It is always the same spots, though, that chap. Hydrocortisone cream usually works. The ear does hurt sometimes.

    My doctor said it is unrelated to the FMS, but I know it is related and think it is the overactive immune response. What do you all think?
  7. hi all,

    im just reminded that my mum had a scaly rash in both of her ears too,and suffered from fibromyalgia,and the chemical sensitivities.irritable bowel syndrome.

    mum didnt have the psoriasis.i inheritted that off my dads side of the family.

    but i wonder why we with fibro get skin problems in our ears.

    the only thought i have on it just now is...

    maybe the skin in the ears is having a reaction to shampoo residue,when we have washed our hair.

    my mum had tinitus badly and used to say..what with the ear noise and itching..a person could go mad.

    i bought e45 cream to apply in her didnt get rid of the rash,but she had told me that it eased the irritation a bit.

    kind regards

  8. HairyMary

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    yep i have it too, index knuckle on right hand, only there. it drives me insane!! it just started last year, i have never had it before, even when i lived in england and it was freezing, now i live in south ga, so the cold has nothing to do with it.
  9. joeperry

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    red swollen knuckles can be symptomatic of sister has it. Not sure that hers were itchy though. Also muscle weakness is more severe than with fibromyalgia... also it progresses a lot faster than FM so if youve had the rash for 6 months or more it and you can still walk around OK then is prob not it. Also your CK in your blood will spike to like 5000 if you have it. At least they can treat this with prednisone.

    I have FM and given the itchyness and the fact the rash is only on one hand sounds consistent with FM..... ive had a rash on one finger for 6 months.... When i go into heavy fatigue periods where I feel sick and flu-like I get a red itchy hot swollen rash on one ear (left) and its only ever on one ear.... sounds like this is happening to you "harirymel". I feel ill for about a week then OK for about 2 weeks then it repeats. Has been going for about a year or more so far.

    I got tested for cytomegalovirus (CMV) and Epsein Barr virus (EBV) but both are supposedly not active in my blood... I swear it is CMV recurring though.

    Anyone else have this suspicion ?
    What about sickness timeframes - any simularities out there ?

    Good luck , joe.

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