red lab is vip lab that is where my xmrv test is coming from

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  1. hensue

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    Even though they did not have a price yet she said they would send it fed-ex out today and the price of the test they should know by friday.
    Your dr signs off on it and they pay for the test to be sent back and you do not pay for it till they do the testing.
    This is the same lab that is associated with Dr Vincent Lombardi
  2. jasminetee

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    Awesome! I can't wait to hear how your test comes out.

  3. hensue

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    I am kinda going with the flow here. I am not that excited because I do not know the results.
    I was tested for mycoplasma way back about 10 years ago and it was negative.
    I believe the guys name was Garth Nicholson.
    I just wanted to get the test and see?? Anything is better than nothing!

  4. hensue

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    Believe me it is not all about me! That post sounds like it.