Red Lines and Indents all over skin

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sunnyslumber, May 5, 2009.

  1. sunnyslumber

    sunnyslumber New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Long time no see :). Well I was wondering about this specific symptom which seems to wax and wane for me but never entirely disappear. It's that I often, especially upon waking but at other times also notice I have these strange red indented lines in my skin. I'd think it is just normal due to pressure points on those areas or whatever but in many cases the red lines (which are from 1 to about 5 inches long) often show a pattern that is really strange and can't possibly be due to pressure (since it is too complex). For example they sometimes connect together and look like a musical note, a letter, or a whorl of some kind. I seem to be getting them a lot now and it seems to coincide with when I feel the worst.

    Does anyone have this symptom? Or know what it's cause is, or how to improve it? It is really discouraging to wake up, look in the mirror and see these kind of indentation lines all over your face (usually it is not that bad though).

    I know it must be related to the ME/CFS but I'm not sure how.

    Thanks all,


  2. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    do they go away after a while?? i read up on some Lyme Info, and they say red linear lines( kinda like stretch marks) can be a sign of Lyme Infection. Just a thought.
  3. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    Here are some pics of Bartonella rash. I have no idea if these lines might appear on the face, but I don't think they come and go. Don't even know if they fade once the infection is treated.
  4. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    it sounds like you have a little edema - retaining fluid. When you are lying down overnight, it is collecting in your face -which is why people have bags under their eyes in the morning- and the indentations are the impressions made by wrinkles in your sheets and pillow cases.

    Peace out,
  5. misskoji

    misskoji Member

    I too have this! Every single time I get *really* sick I have these on my upper arms. No doctor ever has had even a guess to what this may be. Dr. Lerner did note them as "linear marks of unknown etioligy" in my chart, but nothing else. Mine looks pretty much like the picture lnked above. If you find an answer to yours, please let us know.
    Take care
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  6. debshomeed

    debshomeed New Member

    And have had them for a while. I call them lesions and they are patterned on my face. Not related to pressure or edema in my case. If I deliberately redden my cheeks I can see them more clearly and also in fluoro light. To me they look like patterned scars (but are not scars). One of my most obvious ones are circular in shape and have two boomerang shapped white shapes in the centre. I also have a couple of whorls and also ziz-zag lines.
    I suspect parasites have burrowed themselves in my skin.
    In fact my theory is that is that it is a stage in the life cycle of a parasite.
    Now all I have to do is get my doctor to take me seriously about this.

  7. sunnyslumber

    sunnyslumber New Member

    Thanks Kat, Elliespad, Rafiki, Misskoj, and Snez! I don't really have the ability to write a really thoughtful reply atm, but I guess I haven't ruled out any of those possiblities. The reddish indented lines I get do look sort of like the bart rash but not quite so thick, (from what I can tell in the picture). That seems the main difference.

    Hope and Health,

  8. sunnyslumber

    sunnyslumber New Member

    Does anyone else get this or have something similar? I usually get a really intensified throbbing sensation when I have it worst. Anyone found anything that helps?

  9. Robbie44

    Robbie44 New Member

    Hi sunnyslumber,
    I have these on my stomach and it was the definitive symptom that my Lyme Literate Doctor said I have Bartonella. AND Bartonella does not come without Lyme. I don't have my tests for Lyme and Bart back yet, but have started antibiotics and after five days, they have faded. They kind of look like stretch marks only a little purple.

    I've been dealing with Fibro for years and was doing everything right, diet, supplements, no
    stress, exercise and just kept getting worse. I knew it had to be something else. You might want to check into Lyme or Bartonella.


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