red pin pricks on skin, permanent, some bleed

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    hi, i've searched the forum and found that rosie talked about this two years ago. I've started developing tiny bright red pin prick marks all over my body here and there since i 've started getting sick with cfs. i couldn't find info on what to do about them and it seemed like and they were increasing in numbers by week, they are mostly permanent. it's not keratosis pilaris, they're too tiny and too "on the surface". I link them to my illness, cfs, and i don't know how to keep them under control. anyway, two and a half years later it looks like i've thousands of them all over. today, i had the courage to look at my arms under a lamp with a magnif. glass (i have OCD so i'm trying to control my obsessions and i'm avoiding maginf. glasses as much as i can because i know it will result another debilitating obsession) and it looked like my arms were covered in 100s of them, and majority of them were bleeding when squeezed (bleeing very slightly because the pricks are so tiny and bleeding on the surface and not under the skin). i've never seen them bleeding before. if anybody had a similar experience and found a treatment or a way to keep them under control, please please please tell me. thanks.
    I've also found that over the last 2 and a half years, as cfs progressed, my skin became very very thin (and often it gets very dry). i can see a good portion of my vein system now, which i couldn't before, specifically on my hands, arms, feet, and legs. i don't mean a *normal* expected gradual thinning of the skin which happens to everyone as the years go by, i mean a sudden and a quite dramatic one and out of blue. Has this happened to anybody else and have you found any solutions? even if you haven't find a solution, please let me know if it happened to you and if it's cfs related. please let me know. sorry about such a weird obsessive post, i'm in a bit of a state at the moment. (btw, creams don't seem to make any difference). gosh, i know i'll regret this post in the morning, but i'll post it anyway.
  2. hi there masterson,
    i also have a lot of the tiny red pricks on the skin,and they never seem to go away.ive also noticed that my skin is now very thin,on the front of my legs,and i can see varicose veins starting to show through alot.

    as regards the red pricks.ive noticed them on a friend of mine,who also has fibro and ME.but then ive noticed them on another friend who doesnt have those conditions.maybe its part of ageing.

    i do feel that as we get older,we with the fibro and ME,do have very low blood pressure.and now and again,for what ever reason,we get spates of high blood pressure,and that is when we go very light headed.i notice these red pricks after those events.

    try not to be scared about it though,as theres not much we can do about the bleeds.i suppose our body takes care of it anyway.ive not had any major bleeds on the body,but do have a red blister on my nose,that bleeds when im hot or working hard in the head will go fussy inside too.

    we need to pace ourselves between chores,and try to keep cool,when the weather is hot.

    the friend of mine that has the fibro and red pin pricks,has them on her chest,quite alot of them too.mine are on the chest but not many of them.

    i think its a heat related thing.

    try not to get stressed about them,as you dont want to raise your blood pressure with worry do you.

    we need to chill out more and get away from stressfull events,and even tell our friends and family that we just cant tolerate excessive amounts of stress.thats what i do,i just wont take it, and walk away from it.

    the raised red blister on my nose, is called a spider vein papule.its different to the red flat pricks on my chest.

    the spider vein papule was checked out,and isnt cancer,ive been told.

    a electric device that burns the skin,was applied to this blister,and it dissapeared for a few months,but it has now come back.

    i know it fills with blood when i am stressed or very hot,so i try to stay calm whenever i can.

    take care,fran.

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    what you're describing is what i have, also. Mine have never bled, though. Are the spots slightly raised, or flat?

    I don't really know what they are, except that my dermatologist told me mine were just "normal growths". So, I stopped worrying about them. They're so weird though!!
    And I've been getting more and more of them, also.

    I'm planning to schedule another appt next month for a mole check, and I'm going to ask again just exactly what they are.

    Let me know if you find out before I do!!

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    if i understand your entry correctly,

    it has to do with blood vessels, those little pinpricks

    it's UNDER the skin, not the skin itself

    pay attention to your medications, various ones can cause those (do you bruise easily?)

    i get these worse when I'm under any kind of stress; they pop up under my eyes, worse in places where the skin is thin and you can see the broken blood vessels, and it's very related to M.E. as I didn't have them before; but they do go away, just slowly (days). and for me it's not aging. any physcial or emotinla stress makes them appear more.

    if i'm just confused, and this is actually raised bumps ON your skin, I'd see a doctor.

    you seem very stressed out about this, which is only going to make these appear more. i'd see about a medication for your OCD, perhaps Zoloft, which is what I take when my OCD "flares up" due to abnormal brain chemistry; it'd be more beneficial than worrying about spots :)
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    ...they could be petichiae.

    But that's not the only possibility. There is a "rash" sometimes associated with fibro that is related to the skin symptoms. What it really is, is blocked pores and/or follicles due to our skin not functioning as well as it used to. That causes little "raised" spots.

    I know we don't get to see our doctors every day - but this is probably something you should ask about when you do.

    By the way, you might want to search this site again, for "eczema".

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    The Suite 101 Fibromyalgia Friends group has put together this group of symptoms that their members reported, and they include: "dry, itchy and raised patches on skin, rashes, bruise easily..."

  7. Tizz

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    ...who has the problem, herself. Her name is Kara Hash. Here's the article:

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    I have had these for several years now and they seem to be increasing in number all the time. I have some that are very tiny and flat and others that are slightly raised and do bleed if I should hit them with the razor shaving legs or under arms. I even have them all over my scalp. i went to a dermatoligist and he said they were a part of the aging skin, i''m 55. i notice also my skin getting very thin and if I scrub my face very hard I have a place on the bridge of my nose that the skin is so thin it bleeds very easily. The skin dr. did have a name for them and it started with cherry ???? cant remenber the rest.Try not to stress to much, I did for a long time before I had them checked and since have talked to many others and think they are pretty common. God Bless
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    What exactly are petichiae? I have thousands of raised red spots on my chest between my breasts and waist. Also on my thighs; and, some on my legs that bleed a lot if I cut them when shaving my legs. They are quite unsightly and embarassing; but, no one has ever been able to tell me what caused them. Do you know if there is any connection between them and ME/CFS or perhaps MCS? I have suffered from both most of my life.
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    hi I was told these are called cherry moles. I have the same skin problems as most posters here.

    have them cked just to be safe.
  11. MsE

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    I had the same symptoms years ago, on my legs, and finally went to a doctor. My doctor looked rather upset and pulled in another doc from the clinic to peer at the little red spots. I don't know what they thought it was, but drew a vial of blood and instructed me to wait for a phone call.

    The next day, at work I mentioned my problem to a dear friend, and he said, "Sounds like your veins are leaking. Get some Vitamin E and take it regularly." I did, and all the little rashy looking spots disappeared within a week.

    By the way, I don't remember EVER getting the phone call from the doc's office.
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    ...but petechiae are tiny red or purple spots on the skin or mucous membranes (like in the nose) as a result of very slight bleeding from your capillaries. They usually wouldn't be raised, though.

    They are commonly seen when your blood is too "thin". They should be checked by a doctor because they have several different possible causes - from an allergic reaction to a drug reaction to illness to thrombocytopenia (not enough platelets in your blood).

    That would be the reason for doing blood tests...

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  13. Tizz

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    ...are actually called hemangiomas.

    If you really have a lot of them, it can be a sign that your liver isn't functioning as well as you would want.

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    Thanks for the information. One doctor said he didn't know why I have such "fragile capillaries". Others have said it's not the capillaries; but, they are obviously filled with blood.
    Nobody seems concerned. Maybe I'll try the Vit. E first; and, if it doesn't help, ask my doctor about the liver the next time I see him.
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    thanks so much for your replies. it helps, i didn't know any of it!
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    oh right, those of you who asked if they're raised or flat, they're completely flat. imagine a real pin/needle prick, this is what they're like (only very very tiny. a very very thin pin prick). and no, i don't take zoloft. i started having them before the whole medication experiments nightmare thing, so i don't think they're related to medication.
    fran, your reply was wonderful, thanks again.
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    i dont know what meds you are on but lyrica did this to me about 2 years ago. mine was called peteci. hope i spelled it tight, but it was caused by lyrica. the dr. took me off it immediately! it is blood and that is one of the side effects of this med. i am sure that other mes have it too but it is not something you want to mess with because it means your heart is not working right my dr. told me. hope this helps. i also retained fluod and swelled in hands, fingers . etc.
    GOD bless/ski