red sore spots on head

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  1. GigglePoet

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    HI All,
    has anyone here ever had a problem with sore swollen red spots on their scalp. They feel like pimples or pustules and the skin feels swollen. I'm having a lot of trouble with these things right now. I have treated with topical antibiotic ointment but no response. Today I started using the Acyclovir ointment. If you have had them did you find anything that helped.

    Thanks so much
    ~ Dee
  2. fibromickster

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    I had them when I was 18 on my head, that was how my psoriasis started, red spots on my scalp. I am now 43 and have it all over my body, however, Humira has cured the psoriasis on my skin but not the psoratic arthritis.

    Good luck, I would go see a dermotologist for this if you can.

  3. Juloo

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    It's possible they're just skin inflammation or zits -- summer can be really difficult on us because our bodies are always perspiring, especially our scalps. I've been actually using a shampoo for dandruff that has salycitic (sp?) acid (not for people doing the guiai protocol!) in it, and it has helped these heal quicker.

    Another idea -- if you have recently started new meds or diet, you might be detoxing. I have more skin problems on the whole when I change my routine. For that, lots of water!

    Another idea -- if it is summer and you don't like hot water so much for hair washing, could be that your pores are getting clogged up. I used to stay at a house for vacations that did not have hot water (unless you boiled some yourself). Usually, I didn't want to be bothered about heating water for hair washing, so I'd just wash my hair in the sink -- COLD! My hair got clean, but my scalp would break out until I was back at home and could use nice HOT water for a change.

    If you can, you may want to try a few different kinds of medicated shampoos to see if these can help you heal.
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  4. Chrissylu

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    I had them too. I actually searched online to find out what kinds of things other people used to get rid of them. Well, the one I tried was the easiest and cheapest. I just started washing my hair with anti-bacterial liquid hand soap. It worked like a dream. Try it and see if it helps you any.

  5. GigglePoet

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    hey Guy's,
    Thank you for the fabulous info. Do any of you know what these litthe things are. Actually I have been going to a dermatologist. I'm not sure about her. One I have recently had a staph infection and on antibiotics( Doxycycline ) as well as right before that I had some Pillar cysts removed. After the second batch had been removed I started getting all of these little red spots and bumps coming up. My scalp is tender and feel.s like there are tunnels that are raised up. Well I have used antibiotic saves and no response and then I used Ketoconozol incase it was a yeast and not much response with that ither. I saw a doctor today and he didn't know what it was ither...errrrrrrrr... I do want to say that I am having a flare on my face as well as fybro flare so it all is running together I guess.
    That is scary about the psoriasis. Goodness! I can't use any shampoos that have any fragrance or odor as I have enviromental illness( Mcs)
    Glad you guy's put in a response thank you! and if you know what these are called let me know

    Thanks GigglePoet
  6. findmind

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    I had exactly what you are describing and my (excellent) dr. said they were an infection of the hair follicles. I was rx'd a Z-Pak and they went away.

    yes, they are really painful as they are developing, sometimes very itchy, and if I scratched them, a scab would form.

    Hope you find what helps!

  7. mjwarchol

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    Sounds like foliculitis. I have had it for years. Use a shampoo with sacilyic acid. Walgreens brand is fine. Also the dermatolgist can give you a Rx for Clindomyacin solution to put on your scalp.

    The best thing to do is not touch it, but I have a little OCD and I pick at mine which aggravates it.

    Good luck.

    M J