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    After having pains in the upper right quadrant that started out like gall bladder pains (no more gallbladder tho) since Friday evening and having themspread to the entire right lung area, front and back, I deciced I should probably go to dr. Drs. office transferred me to triage nurse who then told me to go straight to ER.

    FIrs thing in ER, the nurses hooked me up to O2, took vitals, then asked questions - pain in shoulder, neck, throat or mouth. Then asked me if I was under a lot of stress lately (nurse kept saying it was all from the stress in my life) which I am under a LOT of stress with taking dd out of school to home school, pregnancy tests, std tests aids test, etc. (oops, I digress there!).

    They were really well informed ont he signs and symptoms of an MI in females. Dr came in and said he was going to run a few tests but was concerned about heart first. Boy was I impressed especially after seeing your post last month!

    Came to find out ekg turned out fine, chest xrays were clear, but had an infection in urine. Turns out I have kidney infection! I always thought those symptoms were like a bladder infection - pain on urination, bleeding, etc. Have no pain, no frequency, no blood, nothing like that. Learned something there.

    So now Im on antobiotics and pain pills for the spasming that I didnt know was going on!

    THanks for the post you wrote. Hope all is well with you. Gentle hugs to you. ~ Toni
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    anyone seen her lately?

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