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    so my blood got sent in a week or so ago and will find out results in a week or so.
    they did the tests for complete cfs panel, Rnase L panel, and immunobilian.
    I was looking over the test options and another one looks like it could be really useful too, the chronic infection one, I would llike to know if have hhv6 or chlamydia etc
    does anyone know if maybe that would be coverd under the complete cfs panel one or why it wouldnt have been? I thought chronic mono was sort of one of the original suspected culprits in the 80s with those clusters of outbreaks back then?
    it also says "pcr" by the chronic infection panel, that must be polymerase chain or whatever, can anyone explain to me what those 3 tests I did have done will be covering and how that is different from the chronic infection test?
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    Just curious, did you ever perservere w/the LDN?

    I've continued to make progress with it over the past 7 mos., going from 0.5 mg to now 4.0 mg. Improved energy, decreased muscle & joint pain. Sleeping well at night, great improvement in nocturia for me.

    Haven't seen many posts from MamaDove, who initially was doing well on LDN.

    Sorry to butt in -- can't answer your Redlabs question.

    Best wishes.
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    does anyone know too if one would have a generic test to test for hsv, herpes exposure, but not zeroing in on if its one or #2 etc, does the generic test that clinics can do to check for exposure potentially include all the strains, but they just wouldnt know which one unless they did more specific tests?
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    i am not aware of any such generic test.

    what exactly is in the CFS panel you had done?[This Message was Edited on 01/17/2009]
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    Complete CFS Panel (RNAP, RNAA, ELAS, NKCA)

    if u go to their sites it lists all potential tests

    oh, looking at my doc info I guess the ones they ordered were: the complete cfs panel, the immunoblilian (iga and igm screen for intestinal pathogens)
    and cytokine ( ILIB, IL2 IL4 IL6 II I0 IL12p70 IFNy TNFa TNFB) I have no idea what most all that is about but could google it, I always forget what it means cus there is no foundation in my brain from the past for this terminology.

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    RNAA is a measure of how much RNase L activity you have. RNAP is the fraction of low molecular weight RNase L you have to the normal molecular weight RNase L (I think). RNase L is an enzyme produced when your body is fighting infection or toxins, and it most sensitive to viral infections.

    if your RNAA is VERY high (like over 1000 or so, with normal being <50), it almost almost means active viral infection.

    you also had a cytokine profile done.....IL - interleukins - are produced when your body is fighting infection or has inflammation or something.

    elastase is similar...produced during infection and inflammation.

    i think that in order to pinpoint which infections you may have, you will need to send your blood to Focus Diagostics for viral antibody testing.