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    Hi there,

    I know you don't know me but I read one of your posts asking about pregnancy and fibromyalgia.

    I'm a bit different in that I didn't know I had fibromyalgia when I had my three children. I have only been dx in the last week. I had all the symptoms though through all my pregnancies.

    In my last pregnancy I was the healthiest I had been in either of the previous ones. I had made an effort to try and eat better and to drink plenty of water. Of course, it didn't take all the aches and pains away but it certainly made it a bit easier.

    In my last months I ended up with a physiotherapy belt thing that went around my lower back and under my tummy because I got to a point where my hips were absolutely killing me. I basically only ever take paracetamol so when that wasn't working I knew I had to try something else. I ended up having to get someone to do my housework because I couldn't cope with it any longer.

    I also was fairly depressed during that pregnancy because I didn't know how I was gonna cope with three children under 5. I think the only reason I got through that was because I tried really hard to focus on the good things about having this baby and on the baby and not on myself.

    We moved when I was six months pregnant and I tell you that just about sent me to breaking point but I got there and you will too.

    I don't know what your exact symptoms are, but if you can try real hard to look after yourself number one. Do whatever you can to get yourself managing with your symptoms without them overtaking you.

    If you ever want someone to talk to, put a message up and we can arrange a time to meet in chat.

    Edited to add, I also went to the osteopath in my last pregnancy because I was having severe migraines, to the point I was throwing up continually. He worked wonders.
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    I did have alot of pain during my first pregnancy although I did not have fibro at that time. I never exercised and rarely left my house because I worked at home. for my second child I was determined not to let that happen and my pregnancy was better. when i overdid work, i suffered though...I cannot imagine having fibromyalgia and carrying a baby. God Bless You...I will pray for you

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