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    "Background information

    These low prices are available through an internet marketer of laboratory tests called Prepaid. The actual blood tests are performed by LabCorp, a national commercial laboratory firm with three locations in Summit County and 1,600 locations nationwide.

    Prepaid obtains a volume discount from LabCorp, much as health insurance companies do. Those discounts are then passed on to patients who order their tests over the internet.

    Doctors are concerned about the growing number of patients who can’t afford the blood tests they need. The medical society approached Prepaid, which agreed to provide these low prices only to patients who link through the medical society’s website.



    Blood tests at Medicare prices are available through this website. We know of no lower-priced alternative for the cash paying patient. The labs are drawn at one of three Summit county LabCorp sites. LabCorp is a national lab with 1,600 sites. ANYONE NEAR A LABCORP LOCATION NATIONWIDE IS ENCOURAGED TO USE THIS WEBSITE TO OBTAIN THE SAME LOW-COST BLOOD TESTS. (WEBSITE:

    On the ordering webpage ( ), click on the section named “Locate a Lab” ( )to find the LabCorp location nearest you. For background information on this program, click here.

    Some important information: you will need a credit card, online access, your doctor’s fax number, and a printer. You can see the price of each test before you order it. Fill out the section asking for your doctor’s information, including his fax number, so that results can be sent to him. Results will also be emailed to you. There is $9.50 service fee each time tests are ordered. After you have paid with your credit card, you print out a requisition for the blood test to take to the LabCorp nearest you. For commonly ordered tests, results will probably be available the next day. For questions or problems, call Prepaid at 1-800-903-3921.

    Look at the list below for the tests your doctor has ordered. Click on the test number and you will be taken directly to the test's page, where you click "add to cart." Then use your browser's back button to return to this page to choose other tests your doctor has ordered. After you have finished, click on the “cart” button and you will be taken to checkout.

    Tip: if you print out this page, you can take it to your doctor's office and ask him to circle the tests he wants you to get.

    If one of your tests is not listed below, you may need your doctor’s help in finding the correct test. He may be willing to look it up on the Prepaid ordering webpage. Or he may be able to give you the LabCorp number for the test, available in the LabCorp directory of tests.

    Or you can try locating the test yourself. Go to the Prepaid ordering webpage. Enter the test name or the test number in the "product search" box at the top left hand corner of the page, just above the “cart.” Click on the "search" button and you will be taken to the test's page; then click "add to cart."


    BMP (also called basic metabolic panel, Chem 8, Renal Panel, or SMA 8) - 322758

    CMP (also called CMP 12/14, SMAC, SMA 12, Chem 12 or BMP plus liver or hepatic function)- 302085

    Comprehensive Wellness Panel - (this test includes BMP, liver or hepatic function, lipids or cholesterol, and iron) - 300909

    CBC -complete blood count (also known as hemoglobin or hematocrit) - 005009

    Glucose (also known as blood sugar or FBS) - 001818

    Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1C) - 001453

    Hepatic (liver) function panel (also known as LFT's, and includes Bilirubin, Alk Phos, ALT, AST,SGOT,SGPT) - 322755

    Hepatitis panel (screens for hepatitis A,B,and C) - 322744

    HIV screen (AIDS) - 083824

    Lipid panel (also known as cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides) - 303756

    TSH/Thyroid Profile with TSH (includes TSH and free T4) - 000620

    Urinalysis - 003772

    Urine culture - 008847


    C-reactive protein (CRP) (for inflammation) - 006627

    C-reactive protein- Cardiac (also known as high-sensitivity CRP, HS CRP, or CRP-S)(for heart risk) - 120766

    Ferritin - 004598

    INR (also known as PT or prothrombin time) - 005199

    Iron (and TIBC) - 001321

    PSA - Prostate Specific Antigen - 010322

    Rheumatoid factor (RF) - 006502

    Sedimentation rate (also known as SED rate, ESR, Westergen) - 005215

    Serum Pregnancy test - quantitative (HCG) - 004416

    Testosterone - 144980