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    Did I do it right? lol. I love the pic of your dogs. The only thing I don't like about living in a condo is not having a dog. When I had my house we had a hound and collie mix. Big suck terrified of thunderstorms. Her name was Sam and my son used to call her Sam Bones. We were in the mall today and one of those gift type stores had these cute little baskets with little dogs and cats curled up in them. They were so cute. Price was a bit high so the Irish in me will wait until the week before Christmas and see how much they reduce them. I collect teddy bears and my son every once and a while buys be a bear where the proceeds got charity. The last bear he bought me says Someone from UofT bought me this bear. When I had my heart attack last winter my girlfriend bought me a stuffed striped cat. Kitty isn't too impressed with it.But sometimes she curls up next to it. I know where Havelock is. I haven't been down that way in ages. It is such pretty country. I just lost my train of thought, my son just called and a friend stopped over and now I can't focus. Don't you just love this dd. Anyways, take care. Talk soon.