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    thank you for your response to my post, o.k. know I need to know more about this disability tax credit? what can you tell me about it?

    Lov to all, Ann
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    for RedWillow
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    Hi Ann sorry I took so long but I was trying to find a copy of the letter I wrote to someone else. I am too lazy to try and write it all again....

    The reason I mentioned the disability tax credit in a post about CPP disability applications is because a lot of people don't know it is available. This application can be downloaded from the Canadian tax sites.

    A lot of doctors when they look at the forms to be filled out wouldn't think that it applies to us, it is about mobility, vision imparment, hearing etc. We have all of those it just have to be worded properly.

    My cousin who helped me with my CPP claim also helped me with my tax credit claim, hers had been done by her lawyer.

    I would be happy to give you a copy of what was written on my claim. I asked my cousin (who is a nurse practioner who also has FM/CFS) to tell me what her doctor wrote and I gave the information to my rheumy.

    I told the rheumy that I wasn't trying to tell her what to do when I asked her to fill this form out. I was just showing what my cousin's doctor wrote as she was advising me. The rheumy ended up writing exactly word for word what my cousin advised.

    Also with the tax credit your doctor can fill in that you have been ill for up to 10 years with this disabling condition (for most of us it is years before we finally couldn't work any longer). In my case it is longer than 10 years but that is as far back as they will go.

    So even though I was working for part of those years they went back on my income tax for 10 years. Since I didn't work for all those years I didn't have an income to apply this credit to.

    I phoned the tax office and explained that in this current year I had applied my tax credit to my husbands income. My question was if I could apply the unused portions of the tax credit to my husbands income for the rest of the years. The answer was YES! but I had to get him to write a letter giving his permission to reassess his tax claim back 10 years! LOL I wrote the letter, he signed it and a few weeks later I got 10 cheques in the mail!

    Trust me this is not information that the government will give you unless you ask. They are not going to help you even though you are disabled and can barely think.

    I had some really wonderful people help me get my diagnosis, disability and tax credit. I am passing this on to as many people as I can because I believe we have enough stresses with this illness!

    hugs Redwillow
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    Hi Ann

    I want to tell you again how happy I am for you that you got your disability accepted.

    You will have to get your specialist to fill out the boxes for you and sign it. There are lots of people who are still working that get this tax credit. It is based on the fact that you are medically restricted and therefore need a tax break.

    If you go to the federal government site you can download the form off the internet. I pulled out my paperwork and looked up the link for you. This is the site that the forms are on. So print those off first. There are several pages.

    When you first look at the form you might think it doesn't apply to you but my rheumatologist was quite willing to fill it out for me.

    I took instructions from my cousin that she had typed out for me and showed them to the rheumy. I cut and pasted out the parts that tell how to fill out the form and printed it off and took it with me to the Rheumtologist when I asked her to fill out this form for me.

    I told her I wasn't telling her what to do. This was just a note from my cousin and she was letting me know how her doctor filled out the form. The wording might be a little different for you depending on what areas you are disabled but this is an example of what my doctor wrote from my cousin's instructions.

    Disability tax forms:

    Part A you fill out yourself and sign at the bottom of the page.

    Part B

    Walking - take an inordinate amount of time - can walk 100 meters but have to go slowly due to shortness of breath and pain.
    -So you doctor would mark yes to markedly restricted and below that the date that you became disabled. In my case the doctor put down 1994 which was 10 years before.

    Dressing- take a longer time due to pain and stiffness etc.
    -yes to markedly decreased and the year in the box.

    Cognitive- takes a long time to work out things - memory impaired. so again markedly restricted and the year in the box.

    In the box with the space for the year my doctor wrote 1994 because that was going back 10 years which is a long as the government will go for you. Remember you didn't have to be off work this long or even be seeing this particular doctor that long. My Rheumy had only seen me twice but from my other medical reports and from what I had told her she knew I had been ill a lot longer than when I finally applied for CPP.

    There are people who are working who get this tax credit. It is based on the fact that you are medically restricted and therefore need a tax break.

    Then the doctor sums up in the summary on page 8 what your diagnosis is.

    walking: takes a long time to walk short distances due to pain and shortness of breath
    dressing: takes a long time due to pain and stiffness
    cognitive: impaired memory, takes a long time to work things out.

    Diagnosis: Arthritis, fibromyalgia, panic disorder. (this is my diagnosis, yours might be different or more....)

    When you send the form in include a copy of consult notes from your specialists as they verify the diagnosis. I included one from my rheumatologist and also the rheumatologist who originally diagnosed me.

    hugs Redwillow
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    When you are on the Canadian tax sites please check out all the things that you can deduct for medical reason when you do your next income tax.

    A lot of people don't take advantage of the what they can deduct for medical reasons. I never did before this year.

    For example: we have private medical coverage for prescriptions, dental, chiropractor appointments, etc. In our case we pay $3.00 for each prescription and the medical plan pays for a portion of dentist appointments, chiro appointments, in our case about 80%.

    The parts that you had to pay out of your own pocket is tax deductible. It is a bit of work to keep track of all this but it is worth it. Trust me it all adds up.

    Since I live in a rural area I also claim transportation costs to go to doctors appointments etc (my rheumy's office is 2 hours drive for me), and they even allow you to claim for meals while you were travelling to appointments.

    For people who have to have medical aides like scooters, braces, etc these are also deductible as a medical expense as long as you have a doctors script saying you need it. My cousin is even able to claim a portion of her air conditioning costs on her taxes because her lungs are so bad. I know there is more I just can't think right now.

    If you already know all this stuff please forgive me for going on and on. It has become my mission in life since I had to go on disability to try and find a way to get as much tax money back from the government as I can. I believe I have a much better use for this money than they do! LOL

    I have some wonderful angels in my life who helped me and I believe in paying it forward.

    hugs Redwillow
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    Thank you for all this information, I will check it out.
    Yeah, I am so happy the fight is over, when I first read the letter I thought it was a denial there was some much in the letter, so I had to keep reading it over and over until I reached the last page and it read... ORDER: The Appeal is granted. I will get my next review in 3 years. I am just so happy. The judge also said in his letter that my restrictions as a result of my impairments are more substantial than measured by the treating physician in his HSR report!.
    again RedWillow thank you for this information, I really appreciate it very very much.

    love to all, Ann
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    I am thrilled for you! I know I sent a lot of information in my letters but wanted you to know that this tax credit is available. As well as all the other things that you can deduct from your taxes.

    My husband applied it to his income and then we inquired if we could go back 9 years and apply it to our back taxes. They did my taxes, but most of those years I really didn't have a lot of income so not much in a rebate.... so we asked if we could apply it to my husbands income.

    It was allowed as I said but my husband had to write a letter requesting it. Anyway I open my mail box one day and there was 9 envelopes from the government. I don't know why but my first reaction is always panic!

    OH my goodness they are going to cut me off my disability... that was my thoughts! But actually it told me that I had a rebate for each of those nine years and each envelope had a rebate statement showing that they were depositing a cheque into my account 9 times! Yippee!

    I only wish I could figure out some more angles for more rebates! LOL Trust me I keep looking!

    hugs Redwillow
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    Thank you Wamps, very good point that I forgot to mention.

    For anyone applying to disability or anything else to do with the government.

    Keep a record of every conversation, name of who you were talking to, date and what was said.

    Keep photocopies of everything sent.

    I also send everything to the government by registered post so that someone has to sign for it. That gives me a record that they received it. I know it is more money but you can use these receipts from your postage as a tax write off and it is well worth it as the government is always loosing things.

    This is all information that my cousin gave to me and who helped me through this process. I am just 'paying it forward' as I know how thrilled I was with having help!

    hugs Redwillow
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