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    I was wondering if any of you have had to be reevaluted for your ssi benefits They are sending me to a Dr and a mental evaluation..I have a fear of Drs and I really have a hard time being a guinea pig so I just try to get better on my own and pretty much try everything that has claimed to cure this horrible thing going on in us I have had CFS for 14 years now and it has not gotten any better it is horrible anyway was wondering what to expcet any info would be appreciated thanks
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    An acquaintance in NM gets reviewed every few years...even though he is quadrapalegic....I think...being judged...having to PROVE yourself, over and over can be anxiety seems the documenting and redocumenting process is part of the universe with governmental awards . Deep breath....peace..
    It just occurred to me...I think you should feel free to take someone with's totally within your rights, if you are comfortable having someone with you.[This Message was Edited on 02/13/2007]
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    thank you for responding my hubby is going to be going with me since it is to far for me to drive there bymyself I just dont like Drs they really make me nervous and feel like a lab rat I guess also cause I have tried everything I can think of to get better and nothing has worked and Drs dont seem to know what to do and just want to try this and that and I dont feel comfy being on meds if I can bare the pain and use over the counter stuff you know?
    thanks again
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    I just today got my first paperwork to send in for continuation of disability. Kinda makes me nervous. I am hoping when I return the paperwork that will be the end of it and they won't send me to Drs too. I go every other month to my Pain Specialist plus every month or so to my family Dr.

    OP, did you have a hard time getting approved initially or was it fast? I applied & was approved in 5 months. Just wondering if a person has to fight a long time to get it if that makes it better or worse for their re-evaluations? Or if it was easier/faster if that makes it better or worse? Might not matter either way.

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    I am wondering if the diagnosis you were approved for has anything to do with a mental evaluation. If I may ask, were you approved just for CFS or also some sort of mental disability too?

    I am in the process of filing myself and am wondering how any mental diagnosis might affect the situation down the road. If there was something mental involved that might be triggering the evaluation as I assume they might think something like depression or anxiety may change over time.

    The advice to see a doctor on a regular basis I think is sound. If only to keep your medical records current. On the other hand if it's not something they can write a prescription for or take a test the doctors seem to get annoyed. And I always feel pressured to take stuff they give me even if I don't want to because that could be construed as not trying to get well.

    Maybe you should just tell the examiner the truth -- you don't go to the doctors because they can't help you and you don't want to be expected to take a bunch of experimental medications (not approved for CFS) just to seem you are cooperating. You may also tell them that you keep very current on all the research being done for CFS and as soon as you hear about something that is approved for CFS you'll consider it.

    In my view this going to the doctor all the time with CFS -- just for the record -- is a real problem. I am wondering what the heck I am supposed to tell the doctor when I keep going in there "I'm just here so you can update my record?" They need to justify why they are seeing you to the HMO's and the insurance company so they need to be DOING something.

    Just be calm and be yourself.

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    I totally agree with the taking things I try pretty much anything that comes out that claimes to cure us but over the years it gets old with the ups of hoping "this will be it and I will be fixed" to the downs of it not working at all I have had CFS for 14 years now and I refuse to beleive I will always have this the past Drs I had gone to told me I would probably have to just leanr tolive with it if it doesnt go away or in remission with in the first 5 years but I keep the faith as for the Q for the mental testing I had no mental issues just CFS no depression documented I guess it is just to see what you vcan retain or if you are as bad as you state in the paper work why anyone would say they have a hard time when they dont I dont get no one would want this illness it is horrible as you all know and it makes me feel like an idiot when I cant retain things after i read them over the years I have more achiness and stiffness which i was told was fibro so that is pretty much where I am right now