refined sugar aka poison

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    one of the many great words of wisdom from the above link:
    Getting rid of a symptom is like turning off an alarm.

    i too like my meds, because they help me cope,but i know there is an underlying cause to each symptom.

    i hope we all get to the bottom of our ailments/fm/cfs so that we are not dependent on the meds. :)
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    I have no doubt sugar is addictive. And it does lie at the root of many physical problems, especially the way our society puts it in everything. If I try to go without it for a day or so I go ballistic.

    And with this Aspartame (Splenda), my body goes nuts if I have any. I simply cannot digest it. Within 3-4 hours of eating something with Splenda in it, the most horrendous cramp occur in my intestines, so bad I double over. Then awful diarrhea as my body tries to get rid of it like it is poison.

    Real sugar is nothing more then the juice of a giant grass. But then they go and mess with it. In Europe I had sugar made from beets. Also others have recommended organic sugar which is actually brown because it's not bleached.