Reflectiong on God's ultimate wisdom....

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    Hi, I'm new to this board but post regularly on other Pro Health boards and am glad to see a few familiar faces.

    I suffer with CFS and T1 Diabetes and find that both of these illnesses are very hard (if not impossible)to manage with any great success.

    I have spent a large part of my recent adult life taking care of my ill Mother and then when she passed away my father became very sick with end stage emphasyma so I moved in with him to care for all his needs.

    During the early years of his care I was diagnosed with diabetes and was at that time able to manage it pretty well and still care for Dad for 4 years with no difficulty until he also passed on. but during that time, I was getting more and more fatigued but still able to manage.

    Soon after he passed, my diabetes got out of control and the fatigue got really debilitating to where I could barely take care of myself.

    So I have been reflecting on the fact that if my father was still alive today, I would not be able to take care of him at all and would have had to admit him into a nursing home.

    I believe that God knew that my diseases were going to accelerate and that I would not be able to care for my parents any more, so He showed mercy on them and me by taking them Home. And He knew that my parents would be very worried about me and therefore the waning days of their lives would be filled with more anxiety than they could handle.

    We've always heard that blessings come in disguises. The passing of my parents was a disguised blessing.... for I know that they are now blessed with their reunion of each other and I am blessed for the timing of my illness. And I praise God for this every day!