Reflections of an EX - C.F.S. sufferer

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    I posted this on another board, and was told I should post it here.

    Trust you find this of encouragement and interest:


    ONSET/TRIGGERS: Easter time 1995, I came down with a viral illness, which put me in bed for about 8 days. A full series of blood tests could only tell me what I did not have! My energy/stamina levels never fully recovered after that illness, although at the time, it didn't really occur to me. Initially, I though I was just getting old! (At 29 yrs) Slowly, my lack of energy became frustratingly worse.

    In July 1997, chicken pox put me in bed for about 10 days. My digestive system never completely recovered, with irritable bowel syndrome setting in. At the time, I was on holidays, but chose to resign from work, mainly due to my health. I struggled to do some part time work for 3 months, but had to give it up in April 1998, because I was not coping. I have not been working since.

    During this time, several very stressful events took place in my life, including the birth of our first child in September 1995, who was eventually diagnosed with a rare, degenerative, genetic, muscle and brain disorder. Without a doubt, this long-term stressful environment was another trigger for my susceptibility to C.F.S.

    Between May and November 1994, I had the series of 3 hepatitis B vaccinations, due to work place risks. Although I can't prove it, nor would most medical professionals support the idea, I have no doubt this was another trigger. In talking with other C.F.S. sufferers, many had a vaccination or vaccinations in the months leading up to the initial onset of their condition or they had a major relapse after a vaccination. [ ]

    LIVING WITH C.F.S.: (if it can be called living!) Going along to the local C.F.S. support group for the first 3 to 4 times, was very informative and encouraging. It was good to discover I wasn't the only person struggling to find an understanding doctor, who was prepared to do anything, after endless rounds of blood tests, etc, etc, didn't reveal anything significant. It was also good to find a comprehensive lending library of very informative books, tapes and videos. Depressing though many of the discoveries I made were, there is still a real liberation in understanding exactly what you are dealing with. Taking away the fear of the unknown in the early visits to the support group lifted off a huge emotional burden for me. It gave me more resources to cope with the strange symptoms I was struggling with - (which included in basic order of severity of debility: fatigue/weakness - breathing was a real effort some days, light headedness/dizziness, muscle pain-esp. upper legs, fairly constant headaches, joint pain-esp. ankles, wrists & fingers, unable to sleep or unrefreshing sleep, night sweats, sore throat or ears, churning painful stomach & associated diarrhoea-esp. at night, hot flushed face feeling, itchy gritty eyes, sweaty feeling around the eyes, cold sore feet - no matter what the temperature of the day or how much I covered them up, "brain fog"/confusion/poor short term memory, etc, etc!!)

    For a long time, I felt if I strictly followed a very healthy diet, (avoid/eliminate the 5 "whites"- salt, sugar, dairy products, white flour products & all animal fats/products - aim for 80% raw fruit and vegetable diet, while drinking plenty of clean water and vegetable juices-esp. carrot ) I would beat this condition. Dietary changes initially helped, (esp. getting off dairy products-tests latter revealed that I was lactose intolerant) but the improvement was not sustained, and I became emotionally obsessive about what I did or didn't put in my mouth, which was counter productive. While very important, diet was not the source of my healing. I also tried many different (often expensive!!) vitamins, minerals, supplements, natural remedies, etc, etc. with no significant improvements. I got to the stage where I refused to try a new product,
    unless I heard first hand from another C.F.S. sufferer whom I knew, that they had gained sustained improvement from it.

    As the weeks rolled into months and then years, I found going along to the support group frustrating and depressing. Sharing with others, all struggling with similar aches and pains, and NO REAL SOLUTIONS, WAS NOT HELPING ME. I needed to become part of a support group with many people who had recovered from the condition. Those people seemed few and far between, which is a depressing statement in itself, and a reflection of the nature of the condition. Generally, people who had recovered, were out LIVING LIFE, and wanted to put space between themselves and C.F.S.

    FREEDOM/RELEASE: I now find myself an EX-C.F.S. sufferer. (PRAISE GOD!!) I
    have known the fear of being curled up in a foetal position in bed all day, with intense muscle pain from head to toe, and the strongest dose of painkiller in the house, only just taking the edge off it. Sitting still in a cold bath of water for 10 mins, several times a day did provide some relief to the intense muscle pain. Extraction of wisdom teeth is the only worse pain I have experienced. However, it was localised to my head, and I knew it would end when the gum healed. I have known the strain on our marriage, as my wife struggled with the frustration of having to cuddle up to a slimy, sweaty husband for months, who was often too weak to even return a decent hug. My heartfelt desire in sharing the story of how I was released from C.F.S., is that it may assist others to find a pathway of healing from this debilitating illness. I have no desire to be controversial, but must share the TRUTH of how God set me free.

    On Saturday the 5th of June 1999, I attended a seminar on the cults/occult, and in particular, freemasonry. At the end of that night, there was a time of corporate prayer, out loud, specifically renouncing the generational curses that come about as a result of the oaths taken in masonic rituals. (I have never been a mason and have rejected becoming involved, however, I understand at least 3 generations of my forefathers have been masons.) At the end of that night, God through his Holy Spirit did some MAJOR SURGERY in my life. Since that night, all the major symptoms of C.F.S. in my body have ceased! For a day or 2 after that night, I had a deep "healing pain" in my bones - (interestingly one of the main sources of the immune system).

    Two days later, I went on a 4-day break with my wife (planned months before), during which we walked 4 to 5 kilometres per day. I had rarely walked with my wife, for years before that, and would have to turn back early, if I did. I had to be careful and not over do things for a while, as I at times, still struggled with tiredness. My muscles were occasionally sore and stiff, due to the shock of extra use, after years of inactivity. I still occasionally struggled with digestive problems, but this has now normalized. In over 2 years since that night, I have had one relapse (when all the symptoms of C.F.S. returned, for 2 days in bed), from which I received release, by prayerfully renouncing masonic curses in a similar way to the night of my original healing. Having been out of the workforce for nearly 3 years, I still have some emotional struggles in the area of confidence to overcome. My stamina/energy levels have now returned to pre 1995 levels.

    C.F.S. is a very perplexing and multifaceted illness. I believe its causes include environmental (pollution/ chemical sensitivity), physical (viral/dietary), emotional (long term stress/grief), medical (vaccinations), and spiritual issues (generational curses through occult involvement), to name some. There are many readily accessible resources about all but the last of these. Unlike native/indigenous peoples, our "western world, rational thinking mindset", has difficulty accepting that physical harm can result from negative spiritual involvement, in the form of generational curses. We hear a lot in the medical field, about people being genetically predisposed to a certain illness or disease, including C.F.S. (eg several members of a family with the same non-contagious illness). I believe in many (NOT ALL) cases, there is a spiritual predisposition, in the form of a generational curse at the root of that genetic predisposition. Unless these generational curses are renounced and cut off, then there is a "freedom" for diseases to continue to manifest down a generational line.

    My challenge to you is to prayerfully consider your spiritual heritage, and seek out people and resources, to assist you with any issues, which may be keeping you in ill health. By all means, continue to pursue all possible issues that may be causing your illness, but don't spend lots of money and time pursuing others, while ignoring/neglecting the spiritual. If in many cases, C.F.S. is spiritually rooted, we should not find it surprising that medical science is finding the mysteries of the illness hard to unravel, by the testing of physical body specimens.

    Through the hardest months of my illness, I declared I would widely promote and sell anything that gave me SUSTAINED release from C.F.S. I promote to you the healing power of Jesus Christ, through the renouncing of generational curses. I can't however sell it to you, because it will not cost you anything!!

    Queensland, AUSTRALIA.


    P.S. Please feel free to pass this on to any others you know of struggling with C.F.S., to whom you feel comfortable doing so. They need all the POSITIVE news they can get!


    Some months after my healing, I met another lady who had been battling C.F.S for 17 years (she had been president of the local C.F.S. support group in New Zealand), who was completely set free in a similar way, for the same reason.

    Another lady from our local church who has been battling C.F.S. for 13 years, recently received significant healing in a similar way, and is now able to regularly attend church, after having not been able to, for many years.
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    I appreciate you sharing this. Although I've heard about generational curses my whole life, I never considered my CFS/FM to be from that. You've got me thinking now! I know our battles are not against flesh and blood, but against evil.
    Thank you for being bold and telling what the Lord has done for you! I've had healing before and it is worth shouting about! God bless you always!
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    Are you saying that I may be punished for the sins of my ancestors? I am not trying to make light of what you are saying, I just truly do not understand what you are saying. Do you have scriptural references I might read for myself? One of the articles of my faith states that we will be punished for our own sins and not for Adam's transgressions. If I am not going to be punished for Adam's transgressions, why would I be punished for my father's or my grandfather's transgressions? Please, do not misunderstand or take offense at my questions. It is not my intent to try to change your beliefs, just trying to understand exactly what you do believe. Respectfully, RoseTx

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    Trust this may help others understand some of the issues that my "Reflections of an EX - C.F.S. sufferer" journey raises:


    1.) 2 Corinthians 11 vs 14 (regarding the "good" that freemasonry does)

    2.) Ephesians 6 vs 12 (the battle is spiritual, not a battle with loved ones involved/entrapped in the cults/occult)

    3.) 2 Corinthians 6 vs 14 - 16 (members of all different faiths are welcomed into masonry)

    4.) 2 Timothy 3 vs 1 & 5 (there are many "church goers" who are masons)

    5.) Colossians 2 vs 8 (Paul almost seems to be talking about the traditions of masonry)

    6.) John 5 vs 23 (masonry doesn't honour the Son)

    7.) John 18 vs 20 (Jesus had no secrets)

    8.) Matthew 5 vs 33-37 (the taking/making of oaths was a serious matter to Jesus)


    * The source of the curse: Deuteronomy 27 vs 15 esp. "...and sets it up in secret" (& vs 17-18 The bible is our "boundary stone" as Christians, not the masonic bible or any one of many other books that cults put above or on the same level as God's word - eg. Galatians 1 vs 8-9 & Revelations 22 vs

    * Generational in nature: Exodus 20 vs 4-6. This same principle is outlined in other passages, including Exodus 34 vs 7, Numbers 14 vs 18, Jeremiah 32 vs 18, Deuteronomy 5 vs 8-9 & Lamintations 5 vs 7.

    * The outworkings of the curse: Deuteronomy 28 vs 15 - 68 (vs 59b in the N.I.V. translation states: "...harsh and prolonged disaster, and server and lingering illnesses." Whoever said that C.F.S./M.E. was only an illness of modern times?!)

    * Are we not under grace and not the law, because of Jesus sacrificial death, so these Old Testament verses are no longer applicable to Christians today? Jesus addressed this issue in Matthew 5 vs 17.

    *Has not Jesus sacrifice redeemed us from the curse of the law, once and for all? This is certainly true, however in the same way that the benefits of the forgiveness of sins won for us by Jesus death is only afforded/appropriated to each individual when they personally accept this free gift by faith (Romans 10 vs 9-10), provision for redemption from the curse of the law Galatians 3 vs 13) and sickness (1 Peter 2 vs 24) has been made, but it is our responsibility to appropriate this to our lives (Philippians 2 vs 12). Part of this appropriation for some (including Christians - who can be subjected to demonic oppression, but not demonic possession) may involve renouncing/breaking generational curses.


    1.) We must have the covering of Jesus blood, and have the Holy Spirit dwelling in us - Luke 11 vs 24-26.

    2.) ANY and EVERY participant in this organization comes under it's spiritual power, no matter what degree they have attained. What belongs to the whole movement belongs to all of its entrants.

    3.) All involvement/oaths must be specifically renounced - there is no release from the curses in just leaving the masons.

    4.) Release may be an on going process & not a one off event - Matthew 11 vs 12

    5 a.) Specifically renounce all oaths/curses & secret words - Isaiah 54 vs 17.

    b.) Renounce them out loud.

    c.) Renounce them with a group of like-minded, worshipping people - Matthew 18 vs 18- 20.

    d.) Physically remove "in the spirit" the clothing/regalia & masonic devices.

    6.) Destroy/burn all masonic regalia/clothing & devices in your home -(Acts 19 vs 19). If total destruction is not acceptable to the owner, then try and get agreement to have them removed from your home.

    I had known for years that masonic curses were probably an issue in my life, and had had specific ministry 4 or 5 times regarding this, before the night of my healing. On reflection, some of these issues may have had an influence on the outcomes of that previous ministry. Having said that, we serve a relational God, not a "prayer formula" God.

    Can I commend to you a little booklet called "Treated or Tricked? Alternative Health Therapies Diagnosed", by Dr.Budu Bediako and Selwyn Stevens - Jubilee Publishers, which is available through the Jubilee web site , mentioned at the end of my testimony. It covers most of these issues in more detail (eg. Does God want to heal you?, The problem of failures in healing, Hereditary illnesses and ancestral curses, etc.) and looks at the spiritual dangers of many of the alternative health therapies, which can seem very inviting to a C.F.S. sufferer, when mainstream medicine largely has no answers.

    Finally, on a personal note, there are no "pat - God boxed" answers for every question here. I do claim to know (or be getting to know better) the One, who has the answers, but I don’t have all the answers, for then I would be God (go back to the original problem in Genesis 3 vs 5). Why has God chosen to bestow His grace in healing me ( - healing is always God’s grace – God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense – and never a case of us being “good enough”), while my son remains profoundly disabled, and totally dependent on us for his every need? Romans 8 vs 28 speaks into that issue. However while God can USE all things, while we are walking in his will, I believe it is never his will (Jesus never told anyone it wasn't God's will for them to be whole, when ANYONE came to him for healing) or of his making (Job 2 vs 7) that we are sick.

    God bless,


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