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    These are Buddhist sayings that I find comforting and I turn to when I'm feeling distraught over my problems with my family and friends; i.e. their not believing me about CFS/FMS, their mistreatment of me over the years etc...

    I want to share these sayings with all of you and I hope you can find comfort in these ideas too:

    "Look at the world as a mirage, as a bubble floating in front of you. See it like this and death will have no fear for you, and will not be attached to the world."

    "You are criticized if you talk too much. You are criticized if you talk too little. You are criticized if you talk just enough. No one escapes criticism."

    "There are those who see right as wrong and wrong as right. These people are on the wrong path."

    "Live your life in happiness, even though those around you live their lives in hatred and wish to spread their antipathy to you. Be happiness itself."

    "The mind that stays focused when everything around it is crazy, giving in neither to passion nor sadness; this is a true blessing."

    "Who ranks as the Highest? One who does not harm anything. One who never retaliates. One who is always at peace regardless of the other person's disposition."

    "Emotional ties bring only sadness and fear. Avoid attachment in emotion and you avoid sadness and fear."

    "If you find yourself with no support on the spiritual path, then walk on alone. There is no point in trying to learn from those who have nothing to teach."

    "It is better to spend time with the wise and enlightened, rather than with fools."

    "Do not serve the foolish, but look after the wise. Honor those worthy of honor. This is a true blessing."

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    thanks for your feedback. You were lucky to have those experiences in the churches. I agree with you about forgiveness but I also believe we need to protect ourselves and not just be doormats as well.

    I chose these sayings to share because I know many of us deal with family and friends hurting us by trivializing our pain and illnesses. These saying help me remember to stay centered and grounded and to see reality more clearly instead of allowing my bad emotions take over my mind.

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    I posted to this thread before! Where did it go?

    Be happiness itself!!!


    "Nothing can harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts."

    Thanks Teejkay!


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    Yes, I do know how cool it is to suddenly come across a post you need right at that moment. I just read both of yours and boy, did I need that right now~ it's been an emotional night.

    Thank you my friends :)

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    I think that everything happens the way it's meant to happen. Well, it certainly happens the way it happens.

    Terch, you might want to take a look at the thread from me to Teejkay on this board. I know someone in TO who specializes in Traumatic Grief which often results from a suicide. It has touched my life, too.

    Peace to you both,
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    We will never know what was happening on the other side of those messages. We also won't be told if she left or was removed. It is such an opportunity for practicing non-attachment because it's really hard and it's the only option.

    Whatever was going on with her she left a gift for us. We all had an opportunity to examine our feelings and articulate how precious life is. The person in my life who committed suicide was a teenager when he left so I cannot feel angry at him. I do have anger about it. I don't think you get out of this experience without anger. I'm angry at the people I feel drove him to it. I work on forgiving them but it's very hard.

    However! I can give you the name of someone who has studied and written about traumatic grief and SHE'S COVERED BY OHIP!!! Oh Canada! How about them apples?! (I don't know why I felt compelled to use that phrase but I did.) So, if she can see you and you can get into the city, I think you'd be happy with her. If not, she may be able to recommend someone else in this field who's on OHIP. Traumatic Grief is a new and, I think, important field.

    So, we let go of what we cannot hold.

    Be happiness is not just for good days, it's for every day.

    Come to HHDL!!!

    Peace out,

    PS We can arrange to be here at the same time and I'll pass along the Doc.'s name. Let's meet in the HHDL thread at 9 pm if you're on now.

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    It's nice to hear your perspectives on what occurred here the other day.

    "We all had an opportunity to examine our feelings and articulate how precious life is."~Rafiki

    That is very true. That was an important experience for all of us I believe. I hope she is able to find peace and happiness.

    I'm sorry to hear you both experienced dealing with suicides by loved ones. I can imagine that that must be very painful and tough to cope with.

    Hugs to both of you,
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    Thank you for your kindness!!!

    It's hard to figure out how to soften your heart and practice non-attachment, isn't it.

    And, so much of it seems counter intuitive... surely a good person is plunged into suffering and anguish when confronted by another's despair. I found it so hard to understand that my misery was not helpful in some fashion.

    As you reminded us: Be happiness.

    I have taught meditation and this always comes up: How can I aspire to be HAPPY when there is so much SUFFERING?!

    It takes a while to understand that we can contribute to the total store of pain in the world or the total store of happiness. We are not better able to help when we join in the unhappiness. Who knew?

    I hope we can be happiness today! If not, I hope we can be forgiving!

    Peace out,

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    Peace In,


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