Reflexology anyone ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bxteacher, Nov 13, 2008.

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    As a Leukemia patient who has RA & FM as well I attended a Gilda's Club workshop tonight on Reflexolgy. Although this is a complementary treatment and is not covered by insurance the techniques can be done by yourself & have been proven ( in hospitals in NYC & elsewhere) helpful for pain/depression/anxiety.....symptoms we all suffer from. Wanted to share my experience with all of you. (BTW, there is a lot of info about it on line.)

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    I am a believer who knows nothing about it...but need to learn. The reason why I believe is that I was lying down with a a terrific headache and my son and wife stopped by my room to say they were going out. I ask them to press on the bottoms of my feet (I had socks on) and my headache fanished!!

    They went back home and I don't have anyone who is willing to press on the bottoms of my feet. haha. Maybe I find one of those boards online or something...

  3. star273

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    When I was little my Grandma used to do this to me. She had a severe form of arthritis and also now they think, FM. Anyway, she had a chinese man come to the house to do accupuncture on her and he also taught her reflexology. I used to love watching her get it done. Little did I know I would be dealing with the same illness. I love it. It works wonders if you can do it. I have a diagram of the feet that tells you where everything is and also where to rub the pressure points. I do it to my kids all the time and to my hubby. It works wonders. Everything is connected.
    Do a search on it and you should be able to find the diagram. Hope everyone gives it a try. :)

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