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    hoping to find some information here. I was Dx with GERD/LPR (reflux into my larynx) a few yrs ago and put on Rx. After 2+ yrs of drugs and not much relief...decided to wean off and use natural ACV (vinegar/honey) and self remedies. This has usually worked for the last year and 1/2--at least as well as the Protonix (and others) did WITHOUT the hazards and side effects. Most of the time I feel there is not enough acid to digest my food and the vinegar drink helps.

    Anyway, there are still periods (times of life stress esp) where I have symptoms anyway--or maybe sometimes the sx trigger stress??? It seems to me that I have a problem with that valve moreso than any 'acid' issue. Like that valve is lazy? The other bothersome symptoms include burping....or needing to burp, but the gas GETS STUCK!! (omg...SCARY), and making my nose run like mad along with pnd and coughing (like you can't swallow b/c the spit is thick and toooo much of it?) (sorry tmi). There are times when I feel like I have that MS hug too--try harder to catch my breath-- along with mild to severe body pain.

    I have had symptoms and been tested (sometimes + sometimes - ) for a few autoimmune things, MS, lupus, sjogrens,arthritis--seems they all overlap. Was formally dx with Fibro/cfs "on the record" about 3 yrs ago.
    Was wondering if this is something anyone here has to deal with? Do not want the surgery to fix valve as I'd hear NOTHING good about it...As the valve is controlled by muscles and mine/ours seem to go haywire at time with this dd--was hoping to find info from anyone here.
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    Not sure what you said your actual diagnosis is. Ive suffered reflux since i was 16. Been on and off omeprazole since. Also take gaviscon or antacids. I also raise the head of my bed with telephone directory's. Stress worsens the condition so meditation and relaxation techniques are good. Acid reflux is part and parcel of fibro which is my diagnosis.
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    ... you may ever hear.

    I'm not usually completely sure about most advice I give, but most times I do my best and hope I can help.

    For your situation I can almost GUARANTEE that if you follow this advice - you WILL start feeling a lot better - likely within several days.

    Two words - GLUTEN FREE.

    I went through what you did and more. I was on meds for GERDS and often aspirated to the point of waking up choking in the night. I was often scared to go to sleep. My stomach hurt constantly, after everything I ate. I started eating more junk because I figured if I was going to feel bad anyway then I was going to enjoy what I ate.

    Then I got a blood test that indicated that my Gliadin levels were elevated - indicating that I likely had gluten intolerance or Celiac disease. They won't necessarily give you this test unless you request it, so most people don't often know. I just had a good holistic MD.

    Stubbornly, I'm sorry to say, it took me 4 years before I actually finally followed through with this. I dabbled in it - but it doesn't work that way. You can't buy SOME gluten free products and still eat some gluten and think it will work. It must be TOTAL to work. I can almost guarantee to you that within no time at all you will know for sure.

    Anyway - I FINALLY went off gluten - completely (which at first is hard but then becomes much easier). I went off dairy as well (as dairy intolerance often comes with gluten intolerance). I started eating as much organic as I could. Guess what? GERDS - gone - completely (unless I accidentally ingested a little gluten or dairy in something I'd eaten). I lost 35 pounds. My whole digestive system changed. I had BM's I didn't think were possible (tmi too ... lol, but important to know). It has been amazing. I will say that the FM pain isn't gone, but some days I know that my pain would be much worse if I'd still been eating all that crap.

    My suggestion:

    Whether you believe this could be your answer or not - the best thing you could do is give it a try. Just for 2 weeks - go gluten and dairy free (you can decide if you want to start eating healthier and organic down the road). You will know for sure by then. There are tons of gluten free recipes all over the web. More and more people are developing this or discovering that it's the reason for their GERDs, etc. so many products are labeled 'Gluten Free' and there are Gluten Free sections in many foods stores now. Substitute Almond, Rice or Coconut milk for milk. I use it in 'cream' soups and with a few spices NO ONE can tell the difference. It's great with cereal as well. Rice flour is one (of many) easy substitutes for wheat, rye or spelt flour (which all have gluten). Read all labels on food products to be sure there are no wheat products in them.

    Please give this a try. If it's not the answer, the worst thing you'll have to deal with is changing your diet for a bit. The best thing is that you could be on your way to curing yourself of this. ACV is good, but it's just a band-aid, where gluten intolerance is concerned. Gluten (and dairy free) is a cure.

    Good Luck,

    Cressida :)

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