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    Firstly, I'd like to thank Prickles and everyone who advocates on everyone's behalfs. If one is too sick to advocate, don't worry...there are others who will do it for you. We've all been in the bed-ridden, ubiquitous pain stage. I've got, on top of everything else, the incessant, 24/7 head pain/pressure, CFIDS/M.E., FM/MPS, Lyme, small pituitary tumor, GERD, IBS, Candida (heck - who doesn't have that these days! haha), etc. I'm still here to tell the are you!

    I'm what's called an "essential volunteer" for the National CFIDS/M.E. Foundation, Inc. ( which is a non-profit org.

    My advice:

    Send a letter (brief and to the point - personalize it a tad) to your LOCAL paper. It doesn't matter how small or large your town is. I did that with my small town over six years ago even though I had been sick for longer. I managed to get the front page and top quote! Yahoo! lol

    I got letters from people in the same shoes as me or who were interested in my situation, etc.

    All it takes is a try...Even if you don't get a response, keep after the paper...They get lots of mail every day. I emailed my letter...easier.

    Just a thought ... with which to begin.

    Than we can move onto to how to change the name and raise MONEY!! That's a tricky one and sometimes takes a bit of assertiveness...something I don't lack being a Northeasterner. *grin*

    So, write those letters to your local papers and keep after them. They WILL respond eventually...

    We WILL be heard and get the due recognition that has been so long awaited!

    Keep the faith!!

    Warm Wishes,
    LB32 (Leeza)
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    I wrote a letter to all my local papers without response. Then one day I was reading a column written by the editor of a new magazine type section of the Sunday paper. She was asking for story ideas so I emailed her directly-and they did an article!

    So from my experience, it's better to go to the papers website and find an editor or columnist's email and directly email them. They just may do an article!
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