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    Hi Lenore,
    I woke up yesturday at 4 am and realized that I forgot to include you in the "to do list" messages! I'm sorry. I know you are having another IEP this week? I hope all goes well and was happy to hear the other IEPs were much better than you were expecting. I cannot believe you are doing all this with your knee and infection. I hope you are feeling much better this week.

    Okay . . . my questions

    We had the intake meeting and it was about 2 hours long. Since my son has not had any psych testing since age 4 1/2 she recommended we have a psych test. He just turned 6 years old. It will be on June 12th.

    1) The regional center will have a psych do the testing. Isn't this sort of biased since they are the ones trying to deny services?

    2) We already know from the previous test that he is very bright. How will the new testing show anything different? At 4 1/2 he was doing some age 7 yo stuff. Is this a waste of time?

    3) Why if the RC is funded by the state do they have differing criteria. I heard that some RCs do include PDD-NOS and Aspergers(North L.A.) but San Diego only accepts a straight autism dx. You have to prove that it is significantly impacting your child if you have the PDD or AS dx. How are they allowed to do that?

    We are leaving for our vacation on Wednesday but I will check back here.



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    Bump. . . . .
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    Oh you poor kid, I read your other post from yesterday. Let me give you some general comments first. First and foremost, don't compromise your health any more over this. You need your strength. You also might think about some family bonding this summer. I don't know if you have other children, but an Aspie hubby and a Autie kid with a change in structure (no school) is sometimes a recipe for disaster. I counseled families all the time to work on the family. Here's why: the national divorce rate hovers around the 50% mark; in "special needs" families according to CHADD (the national ADD association and largest of it's type in the world) the number can be as high as 82%. And I'm a victim of that statistic. I had a "closet" Aspie hubby whose perseveration happened to be his work, and he still is one of the best family law attorneys around. He has only admitted to this dx once (to keep me in the marriage longer and it worked), and now that we're divorced spends little time with the kids on "his time" (he's not even here for Father's Day; they're with me). The more cases I took on, the more divorced families I found myself working with, which obviously isn't what you want.

    Another general comment from your post yesterday: don't be so fast to think "snowball's chance in hell". I went through something quite similar to you when Josh was six. I was so sure I was going to hear the same thing. What we got was just absolutely dumbfounding. Get this -- "provisional dx which may improve with time". I would love to meet a person who has ever "outgrown" autism. Anyway, years later (I think he was 11 or 12), they made us go through it all over again. After 6 or 7 years of interventions, I was positive we would be "kicked". Shock of shocks, they now found him worse and fitting the diagnostic criteria for Autism. I know that you feel like these people are "god" holding the keys to the candy store, but the Lanterman Act (which created RC) has an appeal process which you MAY NOT NEED, but keep that in your hat while they decide. My best advice on this right now is that you said yourself: it's done, toss it out of your mind, put all your paperwork in a box and shove it in the garage so you're not reminded about it, and go on to your health and summer break. The funny thing about putting it out of sight is that it really, really does put it out of your mind a lot more; trust me mom to mom, that's what works for me. Noah and Josh's IEPs went "terrible" to my way of thinking and I had the stuff laying everywhere (even in the hospital!) and was stressing out. When I said to myself hey it's summer, I can pull it out in a month and file for Due Process if I want then, I packed all that junk up, stuck it in my filing cabinet, and I'll just bet this IBS bs will lessen. OK, mini lecture over! :)

    Your questions:

    1. No, it's not biased to have their psych do standardized, norm based testing (like the WISC) because they can't screw around with those results. They are based on the manufacturers "grading system" and they can't deviate. Now, the non norm based stuff (like observation) is a little biased. I don't know what tests they did, but I'll bet at least 75% was norm based, even if you didn't know they were performing a specific test. For example, if they asked little sonny to play with blocks, or put shapes in their right holes, that is actually a norm based test (don't ask me the name or I'll have to go digging through stuff that will drive us BOTH crazy), even if you didn't realize it.

    2. Here's what I learned just two weeks ago about the WISC (see, learn something new every day). The preschool and early elementary test is different and not totally reliable. It's not until kids get into about 4th grade that a reliable VIQ and PIQ can be done. Now watch for this!!!!! A large variable between the two numbers is a hallmark sign of Autism, especially when the PIQ is higher. When Noah was in first grade I asked for an IEP, and with a brother like Josh they gave him the full work up. His point spread was 29 points, and I freaked out. Now Noah is no where near Autistic (he talks more than most girls and drives my crazy, Lord love him), and actually the tests showed that he didn't qualify for SPED services, a mixed blessing. When I asked again this year, his WISC scores had levelled out a little and that huge point spread was lower. They have offered me a 504 for his ADD, which is what I'm grappling with, but this is about you. Now, I think you may be talking about the SIB-R that you would have filled out, which shows adaptive stuff like holding a fork, buttoning, and stuff like that. This is DEFINITELY not a waste of time because it will show that he is not progressing. I'm only using a few examples, I think there are over 200 on the test. Did you fill out a BASC or a BRIEF for executive functioning? He may be too young for these tests. Anyway; short answer is no, not a waste of time.

    3. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I happen to be North LA (funny you picked that one, huh?) and they all use the same criteria. You lazy beach bums down there in gorgeous San Diego where it's cool (except for fire season) need to clear the sand out of your ears and stop listening to rumors about what the "other" RCs do (my pathetic attempt at humor here). Ahnold, in his infinite wisdom has actually tried to pull Lanterman Act funding in its entierty twice and failed, the putz.

    CHADD's 20th Annual conference just happens to be occuring in Anaheim this year Nov 12-15. They typically hold a lot of lectures about AUT/Asp since there is such a large comorbidity with ADHD. Look them up at, and see what you find. I haven't gone in about 4 years, but I'm going to look and see if there is some new stuff I could benefit from. I was CHADD's California advisory counsel in my past life, so I was pretty active and my girlfriend was a support group leader, so we would go together to DC, Chicago and were pissed when it was in Anaheim before! If there are particular topics that interest you and you end up not going, I have some cassette tapes (yep, from THAT long ago) about family stress and pointers to avoid them that I think are probably universal and don't change much that I could snail mail you. Think about attending if you like what you see on their website.

    I know I seem to be pushing ADHD, but so many of the problems and behaviors are the same, so I will add one more. is a clearing house for books and stuff that in recent years has exploded with Autism articles. Check them out too.

    I really wish I hadn't flared when you were going through this, but it's over now, so just sit back. Plant some tomatoes or something to take your mind off it.

    Molly, I really do care about you and your family; a lot, so keep posting. Who knows, I may need YOU to support me some days.

    Be well my friend,
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    Thank you for taking the time to help me. I'm sorry to hear about your ex. I mean not being a Dad for your kids.

    I will move the boxes of files out of my bedroom for now! (Good idea). i am trying to get my cousin who is 20 to come down and video some of my son's behaviors. She is so good with tech stuff. Today my son bit me and kicked my calf in such a way that it feels permanently cramped and hurting. He really has been doing outstanding but like I said I feel the structure or lack thereof may cause a big change. I would like it on video to give to the RC.

    I'm sorry to hear that both of your son's IEPs may end up in due process. With the dd we have I don't know how you do it. Due process would kill me. I am sure of it.

    VIQ and PIQ? I do not know about these. I do know my son's skills are scattered and that is probably what you are refering to. I will be on the lookout for those scores.

    Since I did the interview portion over the phone I don't know which it was BASC or BRIEF but i am upset I didn't ask. i feel I could have asked more questions. After the phone interview i slept for 2 hours! It was a rough week.

    I am glad to hear the RCs are alike. i had heard that about North L.A. from an advocate?! I'm not a fan of the Ahnold! GRRRRR!!!

    Thanks for the websites. I will check out the conference. Our annual SDASA conference last year was cancelled due to the fires. I plan on going this year. It is in September. I also hear that Carol Gray is coming to do a talk on social stories. I am very excited about that.

    My dh and I will celebrate our 11th anniversary soon. i just wish we had some time to spend together. Liam is our only. When we were in Denver the little booger stayed up til 9:45-10pm (usual bedtime is 8:15pm) and woke at 5 am, 5:30 and then 4:30am (usual is 6:30am). I tell ya all hopes were dashed that we would have any time together:( I have been thinking of seeing the clinical psych that dx Liam for our family. Maybe dh and I could go together too. The thing is we have a good relationship but our son is so time consuming and overwhelming to parent. I dream of just going to Hawaii with dh just the two of us. I know it isn't possible now.

    Thanks for your support and caring. I really, really appreciate it. I hope I can be there for you too when needed.

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    As I was clearing out the file boxes I took a look at his scores from 2006. I see the VIQ and PIQ. They are only 2 points different. He was only 4 years old though. Hey, I hope you are feeling better!!


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