Regional grey and white matter volumetric changes in myalgic encephalomyeli

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    Regional grey and white matter volumetric changes in myalgic encephalomyelitis


    These data support the hypothesis that significant
    neuroanatomical changes occur in CFS, and are consistent with the
    complaint of impaired memory that is common in this illness; they also
    suggest that subtle abnormalities in visual processing, and
    discrepancies between intended actions and consequent movements, may
    occur in CFS.

    end snip

    mikie hope snip is ok to post so people get the idea of the paper and its importance
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    This is a .gov site and is, therefore, in the public domain. Thanks for your consideration in posting.

    I have long known that CFIDS/ME causes brain fatigue which interfers with the ability to read and understand what was read. Sometimes, just trying to read tires me out mentally and physically. I'm hoping if these peptide injections help my brain function, it will help me to be able to read more.

    Despite the many and miriad symptoms of these illnesses, most researchers now believe they originate in the brain.

    Thanks for posting.

    Love, Mikie

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