Rehab or Treatment Centers for CFS/FM

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  1. Gretchen12

    Gretchen12 New Member

    Can anyone on the board tell me about Treatment or Rehab Centers specializing in this disease.

    I am so very alone and need help to begin conquering this disease, or I am afraid it will conquer me.


  2. julieisfree05

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    There is an AMAZING FM Rehab Clinic in Los Angeles at Cedars-Sinai (where the rich and famous go?).

    My rheumy (Stuart Silverman) developed it with input from Dr. Bennett, and I spent several weeks there in '96. Within one week, my constant 7-9 level pain was under control - WITHOUT PAIN MEDS!

    The program has been improved and revised extensively since I was there. They use a comprehensive approach, including P/T, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy (for cognitive problems), Recreational Therapy, and they've added a bunch of "natural" stuff over the years too.

    It didn't cure me, but it improved my symptoms to the point that I was no longer in agonizing daily pain. I was able to do things that I had not done in years after this program. Before my stay, I had been bedridden for almost a year and virtually housebound for another three years.

    It wasn't until I started the Xyrem that my symptoms actually started disappearing though.

    I can give you the contact info if you're interested.

    julie (is free!)

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    Yes, please give me the contact information on the rehab clinic in LA. I am really desperate right now. I keep sliding further & further down..slip, slidding away.

    I was even researching Ampligen, but am really confused & ambivalent about it. Have you done any research on it?

    I know I have to get somewhere to get some help. No, there are no doctors in Houston at the "Great Texas Medical Center" who believe in this disease.

    Thanks so very much. BTW, I have been meaning to thank you for your kind remarks about my friends & colleagues at Cantor Fitzgerald who died on 9/11. Yes, the CEO was saved because he was taking his little boy to school that morning.

    Thanks again for all your research & help.

  4. Gretchen12

    Gretchen12 New Member

  5. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    above site will explain the centers and also you will see the locations of the centers.......

    Good Luck...........Susan

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