Rejoice with me for my aunty...please read!

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    Some time I posted back that I was so upset about my Aunty Lorraine who has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder! Has had it nearly thirty years and is now in her forties. I didn't know what was gonna happen to her. She was suicidal really. So bad, she couldn't touch anything. She did not wash. Cried all the time. She was living with her mother (my gran) who has her own health concerns and was certainly not capable of looking at Lorraine.

    I did a lot of thinking, a lot of soul-searching and prayer and I knew enough was enough. Her doctor was reluctant to treat her as he has tried and failed in the past. Sent her three times to the top hospital for OCD in London and three times she did not see the course through. Each time she came back she seemed a little more desperate, a little more broken and it was increasingly difficult to remember the favourite Aunty who looked after me each weekend when I was very small, played games with me. I was so sad over her.

    The last time her doc saw her he told her she'd never get well...which I found disturbing coming from a doctor. For someone to take her hope away was so upsetting. His statement became her mantra. She would say over and over 'The doctor says I'll never get well!', then rock and cry and cry. I was also concerned for my grandmother at this stage as it was really affecting her.

    Well, I got on the phone to the local mental health team and demanded that she have a domiciliary visit from a psychiatrist. This took time, a lot of phonecalls etc but she was seen two weeks later and they sectioned her (that means she couldn't leave the hospital without being returned by police.) Not that she'd leave anyway. She must have been out 30 times in the last 30 years, always accompanied! It is not the excellent hospital she was in before and in the past where she is has had a poor reputation, but I believe it's changing.

    She's been there over a month now and they have changed her medication which seems to suit her much better and she now takes it because the nurse watches her - before she never took them cos she was scared of opening the box. They let her go on day-release a couple of weeks' ago and various family members have been to get her and return her. As she was doing well and returning on time they increased her daily release from 6 hours to 8 and I knew she was making progress last week when she said she'd made herself a cup of tea at home. Before she went into hospital she wouldn't go near the kettle, couldn't touch the plugs!

    Today, she got the bus home (on her day-release) from the hospital (ALONE!) I was gobsmacked! My jaw dropped. My heart leapt! Believe me, this is a miracle! I know that Jesus is working in her life so strongly!! I thank the Lord and all the glory belongs to him. He is giving her the strength to overcome this evil disease which has bound her for so long! God is breaking those chains one by one! Praise the Lord! Jesus heals!!
    We have been praying for her in my church, I have been praying for her, so has her mother, so has my boyfriend and you prayed for her when I asked you to. God is answering those prayers! I prayer that the Lord will continue to heal Lorraine, strengthen her and restore her - I pray that she will come to know her Saviour and his unconditional, all-encompassing love for her in her life. I pray she will lean on the Lord when she is scared, overwhelmed by fear, that he will give her peace and that she will continue to move forward with his help. Lord, let your love envelop her!Thank you Lord Jesus:with you all things are possible! Yours is the victory and the glory forever! Amen!
    I rang my Aunty and told her I was so proud of her, how we'd all been praying for this and said she should get down on her knees and thank God for this breakthrough! My joy was doubled when she told me she had just washed her hair - I laughed with joy! She has not washed her her by herself in years! I am praying this progress will spur her on - that and some more fervent prayer! :)

    It's also boosted me. My own faith has been tested the last two years. I found out that not only do I have Fibro but CFS and I am really struggling right now. Winter is when I am at my worst and already..though it's not even Winter yet I am 10 times worse. But I know my Redeemer lives, he heals, he loves me and I'm just gonna keep right on asking for healing! Nothing can dampen my joy today......Fibro/CFS or not! I am just overjoyed....please keep praying with me for my Aunty! There's still away to go but I was not sure a month ago that the journey would even get underway! And for those struggling with their Fibro/CFS and other illnesses/ worries like me right now, hold on to this miracle in my Aunty's life. God loves us! God hears us! God heals us! God restores us! Keep asking! Keep praising! Keep loving! Keep calling on him!

    Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Alleluia!!

    In Christ,
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    Your are right for naming it a miracle. God is awesome, isn't He? What an amazing journey your family has been on. I pray that God will keep blessing you aunt. I pray that she keeps a strong faith and put the glory to God!

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    Shelbo, this is absolutely wonderous news. My spiritual batteries are always recharged hearing praise reports. I'l be praying for your healing, and your Aunty's continued recovery and that she will accept the gift of salvation from Jesus.
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    Thanks for your support and continued prayers!
    God bless,
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    Wow God is surely working in your aunt's life and I pray that He will continue to do a good work in her, and that she will open her heart to Him. I have FMS and have come to the point that I'm thankful that God is always with me and I don't have to go through this d/d alone, and if He chooses to heal me I will forever thank Him, and if He doesn't I will continue to thank Him. Just knowing that He is going through this with me is a blessing.
    You are in my prayers, both you and your aunt.
    In Jesus' name,
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