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    I found out what is in the Rejuvamin supplement that my doctor told me his patients were having a lot of luck with. It is basically HGH (human growth hormone) with L-arginine in it. I have been researching HGH and I am having thought of giving it a try. Anyone had any luck with HGH?
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    You can get Hgh stimulant here and at health food stores, but some of the producers of the Hgh have added other things. Just be sure of what you are taking. The L-Arginine feeds mycoplasma infections.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thank you so much for the information. I didn't know that.

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    When I go to the store on this website and search HGH. It comes up with a supplement that contains Arginine. Is there a difference between L-Aginine and just Arginine? I have not been able to find HGH stimulant on any of the health food store websites I have.
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    The amino acid l-arginine may feed mycoplasmas, but it also feeds the human body and SUPPORTS immunity! As Garth Nicolson states on another page of this board, the benefits outweigh the supposed risks. Many experts in the field testify to the theory that the reason young people recover more quickly from CFIDS, fibro and other immune dysfunctions, is because they have a much higher level of human growth hormone in their bodies. HGH is stimulated by l-arginine. (Also, I'm sure many other proteins (amino acids) besides l-arginine feed mycoplasmas as well).

    Just my two cents