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  1. deblin

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    haven't posted lately - too depressed
    cfids/fm - think i'm am having a relapse. Can anyone tell me how they feel when they have one.
    I started taking zoloft(25 mg) for a week, I just stopped because I think this caused me to become very fatigue; in fact it seems that everytime i get on zoloft i don't feel well. Maybe i'm allergic, or it just doesn't do well for me?
    My symptoms now are extreme fatique, weakness, just a wiped out feeling, like i could just be in bed all day long! No muscle aches, just sooo fatigued...

    Does anyone experience this?
  2. Summit

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    Different People react differently to medications. I think you really need to speak to your prescribing doctor about this. There are many different medications out there, maybe you need to try something else. please let us know how you are doing. best of luck to you
  3. jessica0123

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    How are you feeling? Did your Dr. Try a new Rx for you? I hit a bad slup for 4 weeks. I have been out of that slump now for a week and feeling pretty good. I am on Cymbalta 120mg

    Good Luck
  4. boltchik

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    Different anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds have different reactions on many people. You have to do trial and error with your doctor until they find out what works best for you. I tried Paxil first, bad stomachaches. Lexapro made me gain 20 lbs., and I had to work hard to get if back off! Zoloft worked for me for quite some time. I went off it for several months, tried it again and became very dizzy. So, now my dr. wants me to try Cymbalta, we'll see. I know something will work soon! :) Keep talking to your doctor. Hope you get it worked out soon, saying a prayer for you. Kim :)