Relapse/Muscle ache/weakness/fatigue/CFS/FM???

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  1. I have been experiencing the following CFS/FM symptoms:

    - symmetrical muscle ache (on hands below the thumbs and on the back of my lower legs)
    - muscle tiredness/mild weakness (legs, arms and hands) esp. after excertion
    - occasional twitching of muscles (very mild)
    - occasional 'funny feeling' in legs - like they're about to jerk but don't
    - general fatigue/muscle+all ocer body tiredness
    - gastric symptoms/IBS
    - chest soreness
    - some anxiety related symptoms/inability to cope under stress

    Initially when I first got symptoms (almost 1 yr ago) the gastric symptoms were all I had+ tiredness/generally not well. Gastric symptoms have somewhat subsided now, although far from perfect. The other symptoms came on soon after the gastric symptoms and then got slightly worse before improving to the stage where I would describe them as being mild. However, over the past month they have got steadily worse again and the fatigue is as bad as I can remember and so is the weakness (things feel heavy to lift, for example).

    I was just wondering if anyone else can relate to the range and severity of the symptoms I have and also whether others have experienced this type of relapse? If so, how long can relapses last and do they generally improve having occurred?

    I have been to my Dr and this has been put down to 'a virus'; 'post viral symptoms'; and 'dyspesia'. I'd be pleased to hear from anyone else's experience on this.


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    MCTE , your symptoms sound like fibromyalgia. I wasn,t clear if you've been diagnosed with this or not. If not, it sure sounds like it to me. You need to go to a rheumatologist, that Dr. can diagnose you. As for how long a flare can last, no one can say. I've found if I notice a flare,I need to take real good care of myself. I rest as much as possible, have good nutrition and take my supplements.So far I've been able to avoid a complete break down . some end up bed ridden.I also try to keep up some minor activity, even if it;s only doing laundry. When I sit ar lay too much,I really ache and hurt. Well I hope this helps,take care loriRn.
  3. Thanks for your replies. I should have been a bit clearer really. On the diagnosis front, I have not explicitly been diagnosed with CFS. However, the gastric symptoms have been investigated by a gastrologist (endoscope and blood tests) and have been diagnosed as IBS/non-ulcer dyspesia. My primary care Dr did say what i was suffering was probably 'post viral symptoms' ie the fatigue, aches etc along with the IBS etc. She also mentioned CFS, but didn't explicitly say I had CFS, just that I probably had 'post viral symptoms', which I understnad to be basically the same thing. However that Dr has left the med center I attend and the new Dr I've seen has been less helpful and focuses on the IBS side of things. Also, prior to the gastro symptoms starting, while I wouldn't describe myself as having been "unwell", I did get a lot of tiredness prior to the initial gastro problems, but not as bad as it has been since they started.

    To sum up, while I've not officially been diagnosed as a CFS/FM sufferer, I have been sort of diagnosed by one Dr as having 'post viral symptoms'. Given the similarities, I basically work on the basis that I am suffering from some sort of CFS/FM, as I have been sort of diagnosed with that, the symptoms appear to fit and the fact that the Drs have not come up with anything else, having so far told me that I am fine on a clinical basis (blood tests etc).


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