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    Has anyone experienced a relapse of CFIDS/CFS? I feel like I'm having one. was diagnosed almost 9 yrs. ago and was doing much better for a couple of years. The last few months have been worse again. I'm scared it's going to get as bad as it was the first 2 years.
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    I'm in my third relapse in 6 years. They each lasted about 13 months.

    I'm on Nexavir transdermal gel for the past month and a half, and the relapse is subsiding, and I will be going back to work parttime soon.

    Catch the relapse early by finding a good CFS doc who can nix it in the bud.

    Good luck.

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    I'm sorry you are feeling bad again. I know how disappointed you must feel.

    I haven't had the experience of having a couple years of improving. It seems I do better, then do too much, and feel bad again.

    Do you think that maybe you pushed yourself too much?

    It is so hard, when we think we are improving. When I relapse, I've been taking licorice root, decafenated green tea, echninacea, and sometimes astragulas. I take them as teas, and they seem to speed up the recovery process.

    I love to walk. And I've learned that the next day, I will feel very weak and also have viral symptoms, so I drink this several times a day and it helps.

    Don't know if anything like that could help you, but worth a try.
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