relationship between optimism and immunity

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    I know a lot of us enjoy carping about all that afflicts us. I certainly am no different. However, I don't see very much on this board about the importance of a positive mental attitude. An article in today's (9.2.03) NYTimes "Power of Positive Thinking May Have a Health Benefit, Study Says" talks about various studies that link optimism and a strong immune response. In one study, for example, subjects who had more electrical activity in the right prefrontal cortex (the seat of negative emotions) had lower levels of an antibody six months later.

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    I am such a pessimist most of the time. Just too many bad experiences with doctors, symptoms, etc. I try to think positive though. Is it enough to be proud that my right prefrontal cortex is working so hard? Just kidding - I'll keep trying.

    Thanks for the info
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    yes Paul, I could not agree more. I am a social worker who does therapy with children and adults of all ages. I defintely find this to be true in my work, and in my personal struggles, desling with fibro. A positive mental attitude has so much to do with how we feel, keep spreading the message!
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    I for one, Truly Believe in having a postive look on my life, what else can I do? Lay down and die? Nope not I.

    I do have Day's, when I want to give up, quit, just hang the whole thing up, ya know? I find that's usually during a Flare tho, the rest of the time, I do stay upbeat.

    I have been told, mostly by the Nurse's, that I have such a Cheerful personility, considering how much Pain I'm in. I have been through Hell and back, just like Most of us. Some of you are still Traveling that road, but, as they say, Whistle a Happy tune", while your walking that Crapy Road called Fibro, it'll make the Journey a lot easier.

    I just bought the DVD, "Chicago", and since my Passion, is Music, I have spent my recent "Down Day's" watching, no actually, I was singing through the entire Movie, lol.
    The poor Neighbor's, but I did find that I didn't take as many Pain Killer's as I usually do when I am Flaring.

    When I told my Doctor, about what I had been doing, learning all the Song's, he cracked up. I have never been able to just watch a Musical, I have to sing along, so I don't go to the Theater or the Movies, lol, they'd kick me out.

    If your feeling Down, it brings on more Pain.
    If you let even the Slight Depression, that these Conditions bring,...... get to you, it's Harder to get Back up.

    Sometimes when other's have Posted in the Past about Being Positive, a War, broke out, I think because, some folks are not at the Point in their Life, where they can be postive in their thinking, but for Reason's we are not privy to.

    I think if you all Hung out now and then over at the Chit Chat Forum, you'd be Surprise at how much better you can feel after a good old Belly Laugh. That's where the Jokes and Fun are and even tho, I may not feel like posting, I always find something Funny, and that lifts my Spirits.

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    I really do believe that being optimistic can help. Even on bad days when I can only do the minimum at home, I put on my make up and do my hair, as I believe that if I look better then I'll feel better.

    The other day my Dr changed my meds, when I told my husband he said it must be very dispairing to always be in pain and forever going back and forth to doctors, I told him that I don't dispair, as there are so many things I can do to improve my situation , and that I also have such a good Dr, so it's just a matter of hanging in there until we find the best meds or treatment for me. He said it made him feel alot better to know that that's the way I feel.

    Also I don't know how you all feel, but I was getting tired of hubby asking me all the time how I was, I was begining to feel like an invalid, so I have asked him not to keep asking me , and that if there a particular days when I need more help than others, then I will tell him. I mean as I told him ,we've been together over 16 years, and I'm sure we know how to "read" each other by now, so I won't think him uncaring if he doesn't ask me 5 times a day how I'm feeling, I know he loves me and I love him , and I'd just like us to try and continue our lives as "normal" as possible.

    Sorry seemed to have been rambling

    But yes, always best to look at the glass as half full!

    All the best,
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    Our Chit Chat Forum is the nicest place you could ever find. The folks there love a good joke and a good laugh more than anything. That doesn't mean that you can't talk about serious problems too, but there is something there for everyone. Everyone is very welcome there too.

    Click on Message Boards in the strip above. It will take you to a menu of our forums. Click on Chit Chat and just introduce yourself or lurk a while. We also have a nondenominational Worship forum where y'all are welcome to request prayer or pray for others who are having a rough go of it.

    I KNOW posititive thinking is helpful to healing.

    Love, Mikie