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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by missymiss, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. missymiss

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    Hi I hope everyone is not doing too badly today! I have just found this amazing piece of music, its called "Only Time" by Enya. Lie down in a relaxing place, dim the light, get some candles out with some relaxing scents, and play the music --- BLISS!!! trust me.. a great way for winding down all tension :)
    Take care everyone,
  2. dojomo

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    Find ways to avoid stress.

    Whatever chemicals we release during stress absolutely worsens our symptoms........

    I can FEEL the chemical reactions happening in my body under stress....... and I realize that stress is caused by repetitive thoughts....either constant re-plays of the past, or unrealistic predictions of the future....if the "bad movies" continue to replay in my head......I jump in the tub and soak to favorite music and candles....

    You HAVE to conciously decide not to think about things you can't controll or change.......

    Learning how to relax and avoid stress has improved my health status ten-fold.........Thanks for the tip...I hope everyone takes stress reduction seriously and experiences the immediate effects..........DJ

  3. TerriM

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    I have the Enya CD Shepherd Moons which I highly recommend! Very relaxing . . . I use it during progressive relaxation and meditation. I haven't gotten really good at meditation yet, but it really works!! I get very stressed when I speak to my attorney about my disability & afterwards if I meditate I feel completely better. I've also read that doing progressive relaxation right before you go to sleep helps your quality of sleep (by progressive relaxation I mean doing a body check where you start at your feet alternately tightening and relaxing muscle groups, working your way up until you finish your entire body. I actualy like to do this before I meditate.

    I never realized quite how bad stress is on the body until I got CFS . . . sometimes I actually would get dizzy from the stress. I have learned a valuable lesson in taking care of myself/my body . . . Terri
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    Great idea, Missy-----I do it with classical music & candles. Simple, but it works!