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  1. grattenbury

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    I had a trapped nerve released from my neck yesterday but it still hurts badly. How long should I leave it before I go back to chiro. He said it will take a little time to settle down.. how long ?
  2. grattenbury

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    Thanks for the reply. It sounds exactly the same. The chiro told me not to put heat on it as it would make the inflamation worse so I have been putting the cold press on it. He dosn't want to see me for 3 weeks so I presume it could take that long to settle down. It is still quite painful today across my shoulder blade but I can move my neck without so much pain.Regards Gilly
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    My shoulders have been hurting so bad and extremely tight the last month. My chiro couldn`t even adjust my neck because it was so tight. He said he was sure I had some pinched nerves because of it. Finally I went in Monday and he got got both sides to move. It cracked so loud. But it felt so much better. It has been sore the last few days like yours.

    I don`t think their is much you can but put ice on it like you`ve been doing. Is it any better today? I go back in on Friday for another adjustment. This is so uncomfortable and painful, I know how you feel.
  4. grattenbury

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    Hi Sandy
    We sound exactly the same. I went to the chiro last week but he couldn't adjust my neck as my muscles were so tight across my shoulder. Monday just gone he gave me some laser treatment and then managed to give it a good click. I can move my neck both ways now but it pulls on my shoulder still when I look to the left. He just said we will let it settle now and he will see me in 3 weeks time. I am not sure if I can wait another 3 weeks especially if this is not going to get any better. it is soooo painful. Do you take painkillers and if so do they help. I am not one for taking pain releif but I think I might have to.
  5. Sandyz

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    I am still miserable today. I have an ice back on it most of the time. I take ultracet and flexeral(muscle relaxant). They help some but I still have a lot of pain. I don`t know what else to do with it. I`m puzzled why this came on anyway.

    I am so tired of this as I`m sure you are too. Before this started I had chest pains all the time. That finally goes away and now its my neck and shoulders. This disease sure beats a person down. I`m going to try and take it easy today.

    You have to wait 3 weeks to go back to the chiro? I don`t think I could stand it either. I can`t wait till Friday to get an adjustment. Maybe you could call him and ask him if you could come in sooner. My chiro usually lets me do that if I ask.

    Hugs to you I know how miserable this is for you. Let`s just try to ride it out. This too shall pass.
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  6. grattenbury

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    Hi Sandy
    hope your feeling better today. I have taken a iburofen today and it does feel a little easier. I will give it until after the weekend but if it is still a problem I will ring the chiro on Monday. You say you have had chest pains so have I. My chiro is going to check for a hiatus hernia when I next see him. I have had all the heart checks which have been fine. The only thing they found 1 year ago was that I had the hy pylori bacteria. I had the heli clear which was supposed to kill the bug but they have nvere re-tested me to see if it has gone or not. So it could still be this or the chiro might find a\ hiatus hernia
    have a great painfree weekend
    luv Gilly
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    My hands, fingers, etc., have been numb and cold for over a month. I had an MRI and am not having a stroke so it's probably a pinched nerve and I have been using heat on it.

    The various posts in this thread have given me more of an idea of how to treat this.