Relentless by KANSAS

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    KANSAS Relentless

    In the time we spent together
    Many words have passed between
    And the feelings that we shared are all behind us now
    'Cause a change has come upon me
    And I'm surly not the same
    There is so much more than what we feel and live every day

    Relentless, unchanging
    Though the world is still before me now
    I'm seeing forever
    I will keep my heart and mind with you
    So joyously I'm waiting for the day

    In a single timeless moment
    When the old was cast away
    The new was born into a world of simple joy
    And my life is still for living
    Though it's seen through different eyes
    And the knowledge of the truth's
    A burden easy to bear


    It's drawing so near
    It's shrouded in mystery
    Histories fall, the end of an age
    The feeling we're waiting for, hoping for
    Now, the time to come alive
    The end to which we strive
    Will soon arrive

    Now the gift is truly given
    If you only would receive
    For you're standing in the crossroads
    And you can't turn back
    Though we can't conceive forever
    And it's sometimes hard to care
    Our lives do not compare to what's awaiting us there!

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