Reliability of Igenix???

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    I've had three lyme tests through different companies. Only Igenix came back with anything positive and three bands only. I've also read debates about Igenix and if it's accurate. What's the truth?

    Are false positive bands possible?


    Igenix results from two years ago:
    34 ING
    39 ++
    41 IND
    66 +
    41 IND
    58 ++

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    Igenex is the best for lyme testing.

    Igenex tests for 14 IgG bands and 14 IgM bands. Other labs usually test for only 10 IgG bands and 3 IgM bands.

    Igenex includes 2 strains for Borrelia in it's testing methods and other labs, only one strain.

    False positives are not common.

    Here is some info....

    The truth is that no lyme test is 100% accurate in detecting lyme. The bacteria is hard to find in whole blood samples.

    Sometimes people only make antibodies for a short time.

    Lyme is a clinical diagnosis, based on history and symptoms.

    more info....

    In the above paper by a lyme expert, Dr B says that bands 34 and 39 are lyme 7.

    Here is another western blot explanation that also includes band 58 as being lyme specific...

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    LISALOO New Member

    Thanks, I don't really put much faith in a test company saying it's reliable, it would kill the company to say "Yes, there are false positives".

    I'll check out the rest.

    Most of my results are IGM, so how do I know I didn'thave Lyme in the past but don't now?
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    I know it seems backwards, but with lyme testing, a positive IgM can indicate a chronic lyme infection....because it is still actively affecting your immune system.

    Testing just isn't foolproof. It should not be relied upon as the sole source for ruling out lyme.

    If your history and symptoms are consistent with lyme, than it is a good possibility, even if you don't remember a tick bite or a rash.

    You have lyme specific bands on that western blot from 2 years ago.

    I am really glad I had the Igenex testing. I am even more glad that I got a copy of my results right away and ignored my non-LLMD who said it was negative and I did not have lyme.

    I read the western blot info and the info about diagnosis in these papers and realized that I really did have I found a good LLMD.....
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    I am a believer in the Igenex Testing because it revealed the truth about my daughter so that we could find treatment that is helping ( and this expert Lyme doctor can diagnose you through energy testing and get you on the way to recovery-- I strongly recommend Dr.J. to you--yes this is expensive and you will need to spend out of pocket upfront but have your M.D. write a letter (for your insurance company) of referral stating that all other attempts toward wellness have failed and Dr. J is the way to go! That approach worked for us!

    I was just reading an e-mail I received from Dr. Lark, she has a women's health library of information that can be ordered, and one of her writings is "Good-bye to Interstitial Cystitis"-- I thought of you right away and wondered if her advice could help you. Perhaps you can google this and check it out. Or see this:

    Best wishes for your recovery!!
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