Relief for FM or CFS?

Discussion in 'Homebound/Bedbound' started by gb66, May 18, 2018.

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    Does anyone on the board take one of the medications that are supposed to be for fibromyalgia or cfs? I keep having people mention taking lyrica or savella or one of the others. I haven't heard any positive feedback on any of these but am wondering if I'm missing something. If you've tried any of these and had good or bad results I'd love to hear your experiences. Thanks. GB
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    Hi GB

    I posted here yesterday. Some posts seem to just disappear; like sox in the wash.

    I have CFS. No med has ever been prescribed. But I have other diseases that make it
    difficult to know exactly what is the cause of the various problems. Alzheimers,
    depression, insomnia, diabetes, high blood pressure, prostate issues.

    We used to have a Board member who urged folks to take Vitamin D3, grape seed
    extract and some other supplement. Can't remember. Anyway I took them. They
    gave me a little more energy for a couple years.

    Be nice if there were a pill out there that actually worked.

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    Rock, I agree, it would be nice! I have problems when I try to take most meds. I have chemical sensitivities and lots of side effects. I just get so frustrated when family members and medical people keep wanting me to take FM medicine. They don't take into account all the other conditions I have to live with that the meds may/will exacerbaate. GB
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