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    My Dad has suffered for years with osteoarthritis in his knees. His x-rays show bone on bone. The pain was so bad that he avoided stairs and if he had to go down a flight of steps he would do so backwards because it was so painful. His mobility was very limited; he couldn't squat or bend down and sat most of the time because it was too painful to walk.
    I spent allot of time researching ways to help Dad. In most everything I read said exercise was essential for managing symptoms of osteoarthritis, recovering from knee injury and to maintain good general health but how does someone exercise when they are in pain. I found something that does work and relieves the pain. Dad is no longer in pain, he now goes up and downstairs, his mobility has greatly improved and best of all Dad started walking with my Mom for exercise. I cannot believe the improvement in his life. Even his mood has improved and all because of a chance meeting at a business lunch.
    Last fall I attended a business lunch and met Alice Brown, the Inventor and Founder of a new Company in Michigan called In the Groove. Alice is disabled from a car accident and created a rehabilitative knee orthosis/brace based on a physical therapy movement that relieved her pain and helped her get out of a wheelchair. When I saw the orthosis/brace I didn't believe it could work but I was willing to have my Dad try anything to relieve his pain. Alice fitted my Dad with the orthosis/brace and after about 15 minutes of wearing the brace I noticed the tension leave his face and he had a puzzled look. I asked Dad what was going on and he told me he couldn't believe it because the pain was gone.
    I am hoping by sharing my Dad's story I can help others. If you are interested in more information about the orthosis/brace, general information on knee health and helpful tips go to the website:
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    Watch!!! This is a one-time only poster who is posting something that they may very well be selling. Watch going on sites like this.