Relocate to warmer climate or build sunroom?

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    I had a mild case of fibromyalgia in my 20's. It went into remission several times, usually when I was sunbathing. I am pretty sure the reason is the vitamin D levels. (I think I have Winter depression on top of it). It seems like most of us feel better during summer months.

    Questions: 1) Why do we feel better during summer months?

    2)I have taken vitamin D by mouth. It doesn't work FOR PAIN OF FMS unless I've been exposed to the sun also (I know this from experience). If I have the opportunity, should I move South by this winter or would building a warm sunroom be adequate? BTW, vitamin D doesn't come through glass, only UVA rays.

    I'm doing better than I was last winter and every winter I get worse (I was on methadone this past winter with bone pain EVERYWHERE!)

    Best wishes to everyone.
    I hope this helps :)
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