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    Hi all, anyone used relora. From what I have read it lowers stress levels and helps improve quality of sleep and make you feel relaxed. Thinking of adding this to my arsenal of sleep aids. Im currently trying to find as many natural sedatives etc and try different combinations so I dont have to rely on sleep meds as often. Currently I have on hand- valerian/lemon balm, kava, theanine, phenibut, melatonin, passionflower and hops.

    If you can recommend any others please do.
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    For YEARS, I used L-Tryptophan 1500 mg. along with P5P (activated form of B6) and it worked really well. You MUST take tryptophan with B6 so the tryptophan is converted to Serotonin in the brain and not the gut. Also, you must use a HIGH quality brand. I have used a few that were actually detrimental to sleep. A few brands that I use and recommend are, Montiff Craig, BIOs, Lidtke, Nokomis.

    In Nov. 2007, I had complete thyroid removal and my sleep has taken a MAJOR nosedive. SEVERE insomnia. I currently take enough to knock out an elephant. This is my regimin:

    L-Tryptophan 1500 mg
    P5P (Activated B6 as I cannot convert)
    Melatonin 1 or 2 mg
    GABA 1000 mg
    Rest and Restore - 3 capsules, contains:
    Passion Flower

    I take all of these each night.

    If you were going to add just one more, I would recommend L-Tryptophan (along with B6) is GREAT stuff.
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    Thanks for the replies. tryptophan and b6 together, havent heard the need to take together but will keep in mind.

    Is it worth wild taking 5htp and tryptophan together?

    Inositol is another amino acid recommended by Dr atkins for sleep and anxiety, may give it a try.

    Never had much success with minerals eg calcium/magnesium.

    Last night tried a concoction of herbs, made me feel relaxed but still needed sleep meds, probably because I am coming off working night shifts.
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    One thing that I would note, though, from quickly reading about it is that it affects the levels of cortisol and DHEA in the body....and it lowers systolic blood pressure....for most people, these are good things, but for some of us, they could be problematic (depending on what levels of cortisol, DHEA are to begin with and depending on blood pressure)
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    interesting Tammie, I am waiting for results of a morning and night time saliva test I did for testosterone, dhea and cortisol. I can see where your coming from, maybe good for elevated cortisol at night if its apart of my insomnia but probably stay clear if cortisol is already low. I will keep all that in mind,
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    Have you found out if anyone has taken it?