Remedies for Cold Sores, Anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by libra55, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. libra55

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    Yesterday morning I woke up with a big bloomin' ugly cold sore on my lip. No warning whatsoever. Sometimes I get that telltale "tingle" the day before but not this time.

    I use a product called Abreva, which comes in a tiny blue tube and is EXPENSIVE! Usually I start the treatment when I first feel a cold sore coming, and it is more effective then, but this time the danged thing was in full bloom and by the time I got the medicine on it, it really doesn't seem to be doing a whole lot of good right now.

    How do folks out there deal with cold sores?

  2. rigdon007

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    Your Dr. can give you Valtrex for the cold sores. My husband now takes it and says it really works.

    I am now taking high doses of it as my dr. believes my problems are related to Epstien Barr and this Valtrex is to fix it. Time will tell but for you and the cold cores get your doctor to give you VAltrex.

  3. pglt

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    if you take 1,000 mg every day to prevent it. I end up taking like 5,000 a day when i break out. It helps clear it up sooner.

    also there is a cream called Super Lysine Plus + by Quantum. I get it at health food stores.

    This is what I do and it will usually clear up in 3 days for not so big ones....put the Lysine on many times a day and in between that I put on rubbing alcohol to help dry it out. I do pop the blisters then do the rubbing alcohol. I know you aren't suppose to do that b/c it can spread but as soon as it pops I wash my hands and face like crazy then put the stuff on. My mother in law broke out with one when she came to visit. She had to be at a family reunion in 3 was unnoticable by the time she left.

  4. Mikie

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    But it is effective against Herpes-Family Viruses and is newer than the other antivirals and is supposed to have fewer side effects.

    If you ice your cold sore off and on all day, it will kill the virus at the site and stop it from spreading. It hurts at first, but keep at it and it will numb the area.

    Love, Mikie
  5. lvjesus

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    When I feel one coming on, I use triple antibiotic ointment (Neosporin is the brand name, but generic store brands work just as well).

    I know it SHOULDN'T help, but it works for me and I have told several other people about it and they have had good results as well.

    I had a bad one when I was a teenager and used some over the counter stuff that was an oil. Well, it made it burn and itch and when I scratched, the oil spread it. It got to the point that it covered my ENTIRE CHIN. I looked like I had leporacy, people started at me when I went out in public, and they asked me not to come back to work until it was better (I worked at a fast food place at the time).

    One night, I put triple antibiotic ointment on it before I went to bed and when I got up the next morning IT WAS COMPLETELY GONE! I thought I was seeing things! I couldn't believe I went to bed looking like Frankenstein and got up looking completely normal (well as normal as it gets anyway!).

    Give it a try. It can't hurt and it is very cheap.

  6. nastaranjune

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    growing up in Iran in the 60's, we had no viral oinments or anything else for that matter.
    Our remedy which by the way worked really well was good old salt. place some salt in the palm of your hand, add a little bit of water in there to make it a thick paste. wet the cold sore just a little bit and place the salt paste on the cold sore as soon as you see it ready to erupt. It burns and tingles, but lord it works. sometime it will make it not erupt and go away completely.
    We also believe in the hot and cold system (which has nothing to do with the spicyness or temprature).
    When having cold sores or canker sores, we avoid the hot foods like Nuts, oily greasy fried foods, cantalope, and eat lots of cold food like watermelon, cucambers, yougurt, lima beans, and salads in general.
    Cold sores are also very opportunistic, just like all the other viral problems, so don't let your immune system get rundown, get plenty of sleep and keep up with your vitamins and drink lots of tea of your choice, hot or cold due to its abundance in anti oxidants.
    Good luck.
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    If you get a cold sore, you are run down and need to take better care of yourself. It's a sign your immune system isn't working like it should. Same for shingles. Get as much sleep as possible.

    Love, Mikie
  8. kimj1215

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    There is a homeopathic ointment called Novitra that works really well for cold sores. It is sold right next to the Abreva and is typically a few dollars less. Now, you could go to Walmart and really get it cheap! I typically put it on when I feel the tingle, but if I don't catch it early enough and one errupts, it only takes around 24 hours with the Novitra for it to go way. Good luck!
  9. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    RichardSS, I love your story. It gave me a genuine guffaw:

    "it covered my ENTIRE CHIN. I looked like I had leporacy, people started at me when I went out in public, and they asked me not to come back to work until it was better (I worked at a fast food place at the time)."


    great advice, very similar to what I'd give. I see you are an RN and from Iran. I'm a nonpracticing nutritionist and much of my studies gleen from multiculteral folk remedies. I trust them much better than modern medicine and drugs. Hey, a 10 yr FDA trial (usually less) of a new drug, is nothing compared to a few millenia of household usage. I'll be looking for your posts, always looking for more tricks for my tickle trunk.

    I'm sure salt works great for coldsores (it's great for many things), and you sure can't beat the price, but I use aloe vera, and if you have a plant it's cheap too. It's even faster than what you described, they usually don't get near budding if you start at the first tingle or red spot. I have a handy dandy tube of pure unscented gel from the health store that I use for many other things too. It was $6, had it a year.

  10. cw

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    At the first sign of a cold sore, freeze it with an ice cube, doing so about four times a day or more and it stops the sore. Try it, it works!!
  11. phoebe1

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    Have you tried it? I'm a pharmacist and I used to make a cold sore ointment containing tea tree oil that was very popular and everybody said it worked wonderfully, and recommended it to their friends and families.
    It's anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

  12. Bluebottle

    Bluebottle New Member

    Like Phoebe I use tea tree oil - dabbed neat onto the sore. It tastes vile, but works!