Remedy for neck pain ?

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    Read this interesting note by a FM sufferer - am posting it here.

    For those who suffer from a stiff neck caused by fibromyalgia, you have to massage just behind your armpit on your back. The pain will feel like funny-bone pain and can be very excruciating while you do it. I lean up against a wall with my arm and massage under my armpit until I locate the sorest spot and then concentrate on the pain. After years of suffering severe pain in my neck, I can say I am totally pain-free in my neck.

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    Yes, I too thought this was very interesting. Am going to try it and see though I am trying to figure out how to press on the back myself !


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    Look up text neck, it comes from us looking down at our phones and our laptops.. keep everything eye level, look up textneck on google.. I saw it on The Doctors Show and since I have been keeping on eye on my teen she has not had her on going headaches as she has past 2 years.. GOOD LUCK.. also

    Research Low Dose Naltrexone, I use if for past 9 months for my Fibro I found it on my own look up LDN and FIBRO, you will see LDN can help many auto immune issues, fibro pain so much better on LDN.... I pay 10.00 a month out of pocket for mine from Skips pharmacy in FL he mails it to me in my CA home, I use 2.5 a day once a day, bonus now I dont pay for 3 other drugs I dont need now, no vico no flexeril no ambien LDN has taken their place so I actually made money each month.. before I found a Dr who even KNEW about LDN I ordered my own full Rx of Naltexone and made mixed it up and made my own low dose form.. good luck!!
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    Dear windingdown,

    Thanks for the information. Am seeing the exercises for text neck and will do them and see.

    LDN also am reading up on. The stanford trial on it seems promising and also am pasting an excerpt from a nurse who was "cured" by it.

    "I am an RN and Information Scientist who researches novel adjuvant cancer therapies and i had fibromyalgia. I say HAD because i no longer have fibromyalgia pain. I was in horrible pain for 8 years prior to that. I initially learned about LDN as a novel adjuvant for cancer - but soon learned it was also being used for fibromyalgia. I have been on Low Dose Naltrexone (also called LDN) for over a year now and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. It is an old, off-patent drug that is compounded and used in dosages less than a 1/10th of the original dosage. As such it functions as an immunomodulator. That is, if one's immune system is hyperactive as with autoimmune diseases like SLE and MS it brings it down to normal; and if one's immune system is hypoactive as with cancer and HIV it brings it up to normal. LDN is currently being being studied for fibromyalgia at Stanford; but only after getting funding from the Fibromyalgia Society since drug companies were not interested (in fact they are not interested in it for cancer or MS or any other indication) - it is an old off patent drug which one can buy for almost nothing. (I get 3 months worth from a compounding pharmacy in Colorado -Belmar Pharmacy - for about $40). From the research i had done prior to taking it most reported it took several months for it to work in the case of fibromyalgia (much faster results with MS). Sure enough it did not work for me initially, but knowing what to expect i continued it and after 2 months i became painfree! It had been so long since i had been pain free i had almost forgotten what that was like. I hope everyone with fibromyalgia looks into LDN. In fact if you know anyone with Cancer, SLE, Crohns disease, MS, HIV etc... please let them know about LDN. There are many videos on Youtube about LDN also. Just type LDN or low dose naltrexone in the search box. "

    Seems wonderful. Do you have any idea if prohealth sells this ? Also, did you experience any kind of side effects with this ? What would you say it has helped most with ?

    With love,

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