Remedy for Uterine Fibroids?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by legalwoman, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. legalwoman

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    I have some uterine fibroids which are causing me discomfort. My GYN says my only option is a hysterectomy, but I refuse to consider that. Does anyone know of a natural/herbal remedy for fibroids. I want something that will shrink them down.

  2. bizj54

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    I use soy powder with whey. I put a scoop of powder in vanila yogurt and eat it everyday, you have to aquire a taste for it but if you get the choc.king it's not bad. you can get it at a health fod tore of at wal-mart.

    myself and a friend both have fibroids nad around our periods it was getting so bad like you I'm not ready to have surgery. so we both tried this soy and it is really working for the both of us.

    even though i keeep track of whne my period is due sometimes it will start without having any pms, discomfort and bloating this is great I can always tell on the months I slack off. Also we eat alot of soy products and drink silk soy milk or use it with cereal.

    Fibroids are a bummer but if this helpsyou like it has me you will be one happy person. At first I had my doudts but it really did work for me.

    If you try it I really hope this will help. I believe in alot of holistic methods, I go have an Ultrsound in a couple of months and I can't wait to se if they have shrunk or all this is in my mind. LOL whatever it is helping.

    Good luck my friend and I wish you the succes we have experienced I feeel like a new person.
  3. bizj54

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    sorry about my spelling
    ! that is choc. flavor not choc king.
    I was trying to type too fast just read between the lines
    2 the main thing is remember to get soy powder either with or without whey it has alot of good vitimans too. since i"ve been using it my Hemaocrit (ANEMIA) has gone from the count of 29 to 37. thats the hihest it's been in yrs and i feel great. I can even chase my 16 month old around and never get tired like I used too;
    anyeway please forgive my mistakes, hope it works, bizj
  4. dreamharp

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    What is the brand of your powdered soy? I would like to
    try it.

  5. JLH

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    and see that you are single with no children (but no indication of age).

    Unfortunately, there goes my advice!

    I am 54 with 3 children.

    I was going to tell you to go ahead and have the hysterectomy .... it was the best surgery that I ever had!!!!

    I had to have a partial hysterectomy (still have my ovaries, so no hormones going haywire ... at that time) when I was 32. This was almost 2 years after the birth of my last child. It was not done dut to fibroids, though.

    I absolutely do not regret it one bit! I had the vaginal hysterectomy. Recuperation time was 4 weeks, due to no incision. I felt great afterwards!! I did a lot of my work over the phone to my office (this was over 20 years ago and we didn't have all the computer technology as we do now).

    Since you are single and with no children, I see why you do not want the surgery route. I am sorry that I do not have any other advice that will help you. Hope someone else can help you.

    Have you considered going for a second opinion ... maybe to a female OB-GYN .... a female might be more sympathetic to your needs and be willing to help you more.
  6. JLH

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    Sorry to bother you when this question has nothing to do with your post; however, this info is need for a reply on the fibro message board.

    Can you give me an "off the record" reply?

    If a patient had been dismissed (fired) from a physician's practice, does the physician HAVE to take the patient back into his practice after 30 days?

    I have never been in this situation, but I had read many posts on the fibro board where this had happened.

    A doctor from Ohio told me that doctos HAD to take patients back after 30 days. Is this just a state regulation, or is it applicable for all 50 U.S. states?

    I checked the AMA website and all I could find was that a doctor could terminate a patient by giving the patient 30 days written notice of termination.

    If you could help clarify this "mystery", I know the readers of the fibro board would be much appeciated.

  7. dreamharp

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    Pick up the book, Maverick of Medicine Speaks to Women
    by Duane Townsend, M.D. He writes in one of his chapters
    about hysterectomy alternatives. Dr. Townsend is a
    world-renowned gynecologist.

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  8. legalwoman

    legalwoman New Member

    I want to thank everyone who has replied to my post.

    I am single with no children but I am also 45 years old. It is doubtful whether I would ever have children anyway. My hesitation with the hysterectomy would be any potential sexual side effects (my boyfriend would be very upset if I lost my sex drive :>). I am also concerned about the time off of work as I don't have enough paid leave to cover it right now.

    I will look for the book that was suggested. I am hoping for some other option than major surgery.

    As for the legal question, I believe an issue such as whether a doctor was required to take a patient back would be a matter of state law and would differ depending on what state you lived in.

  9. JLH

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    First of all, thanks for the reply to the legal question.

    Secondly, after my partial hysterectomy when I was in my early 30s, it did not affect my sex drive at all. I'm 54 now, and still no problem! LOL (Husband is 59 and he's the one with the problem!!!!)

    I can understand about the paid leave, though.

    Hope you find a solution.
  10. desertfog

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    Are your fibroids large? I was wondering because I just found out I may have a small fibroid or polyp in my uteris. My GYN said they may do a D&C. Is that an option for you? I'm guessing not because I'm sure your gyno would have mentioned it, but you never know.

    As for side effects, I'm glad that the other post had a positive experience but I have heard some real horror stories, like nerves being cut that caused incontenance, etc. Please do read up as much as you can if you decide to do it.