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    This is my first time posting on this board, but I frequent the chat rooms...almost nightly.I felt compelled to share this with might help you too.

    My daughter has terrible pain in mostly in her legs,but sometimes just all over. She was recently diagnosed with Raynauds syndrome (a circulatory disease that restricts blood flow to extremities causing them to stay bluish and cold most of the time)and by process of elimination she has been told it may be fibro. Dr said take 2 extra strength tylenol every am and pm. This is not working and led me to search for alternative measures.

    Today I got her this homeopathic remedy. It's called 'Hylands homeopathic leg pain relief' and is a mix of homeopathic ingredients that are aimed at relieving RLS and pain. The ingredients are as follows: arsenicum album, lycopodium, pulsatilla, toxicodendron, sulphure, and zinc metallicum. It says it's best for people who experience more pain while at rest but gain some relief with activity(excercise, walking, etc.)Directions are take 2 every 4 hours as needed. After my daughters first dose she didn't even need the next dose. She got substancial relief after one dose.

    I hope this info is helpful to you all. I know I was thrilled when she said the pain was tolerable, not gone but tolerable.
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    I too would like some clarification as it might help me as well. Thanks
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    I've seen the products from hylands but never tried them. (not those ones anyway) I've tried calms forte.

    Yes,.. please specify what the box/bottle reads, cause hylands has 2 differnet products that either could be what your talking about.
    I hope to give it a try,....
    thats too fair of a price to let slip by.(it just might help!)
    take care/ glad it helped your daughter,
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    I use the leg cramp one and it works for both aching legs and RLS as well as cramps. You can get in onine, they have taken it out of stores in most states as girls were taking mega doses for the morning after pills to not be pregnant.

    I wonder how long we will be able to buy them online even?